Bl**dy Barclays!

I’m getting so stressed with this.

Barclays have a recently revamped online banking service. I recently used it to set up a standing order to pay my council tax.

The first payment (April) was an odd amount, so I paid that one manually. Then set up a standing order for regular payments for the rest, beginning 1st May.

To my shock, I see the first regular payment of £90 has left my account TODAY - a whole month early.

My first thought was maybe I’d made a mistake, so I immediately checked the standing order details online, and it says “Starting on 01/05/12” Not “next payment”, but “starting on” 1st May. Pretty unambiguous, wouldn’t you say?

So armed with that, phoned the bank, thinking it’s clearly their mistake, and should be relatively easy to sort out.

Not so! They insist that it’s my mistake, and at their end, it says 1st April! How can that possibly be? We’re both (supposedly) looking at the same system, albeit I’m looking at it remotely. I’m NOT looking at some handwitten note I made at the time. I’m looking at the details of the S.O, on my online, and the start date clearly shown is 1st May.

They’re insisting that’s not what their system says, so how the hell can I prove anything, if they are seeing different to me? They’re adamant it’s my mistake, and tried to put me through to “online banking”, who would “Guide me through what I’ve done wrong”.

Well, I haven’t p*ssing done anything wrong - the record visible to me clearly shows 1st May, which is what I wanted and expected. Now they are claiming their version shows something different, so what hope do I have? How can I prove I have a record that’s different to theirs, and that it wasn’t my mistake?

I did agree to be put through to “online banking”, but NOT so they could talk me through my mistake, but so I could draw their attention to the fact THEY have a problem. However, after sitting listening to dreadful crackly music at my own expense for another 5 minutes, and not getting to speak to a living soul, I hung up.

I then tried to make a complaint by e-mail, using the “contact us” form, but that doesn’t work either. Every time I try to use it, it wants me to log in first, but as soon as I’m logged in, I can no longer navigate to the form! Neat way of ensuring they never get any complaints!

So looked up the telephone number for complaints, and got put straight back into the same stupid queue I’d already given up on, where you can’t get through to a real live person.

To add insult to injury, I’m a shareholder of this shower, too.

I’m at risk of redundancy at the moment, and really having to watch the pennies. Now £90 has gone out that’s not even due 'til next month, and they claim there’s nothing they can do, because it’s my fault! Which my information says it isn’t!


Hi Tina, the thing is why not do a screen shot? Its easy enough if your not sure how to do it, I can explain.

Also ring the council up, and tell them what has happened, because dont forget you will be in credit to them. Tell them it was sent out in error by your bank, could they please recredit your bank account.

Either way you are in credit to the council tax.

Anyway I would do a screen shot, and send an email with the screen shot attached, and ask them to recredit you the amount ok. Maria

Sorry the screenshot to be sent to the bank by email, or even pop it in the post with a letter. maria

Hi Maria,

Yes, I think I’m going to have to do a screenshot, print it out, and put it in the snail mail. Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to e-mail them - not one that works, anyway. They don’t publish the actual e-mail address - you can only do it through the online form, which is the bit that doesn’t work!

It just seems ridiculous to me that the only piece of evidence I have - which to me is conclusive - they’re saying doesn’t count, because it doesn’t agree with what they see! So one of us has to be wrong, but why is it automatically me, especially when my record was produced by their system too? I’m not relying on my admittedly dodgy memory for what I think happened. My account details clearly show a May start date.

Yes, I am in credit to the council, so I could just cancel next month’s payment (assuming the bank can be trusted to do that, and don’t screw that up as well).

However, I’m not going to tamper with anything at the moment, otherwise they’ll say I altered it after I realised I was in the wrong. I want to be sure the S.O. instructions are still exactly as they were when the problem happened - i.e. when it paid out a month ahead of time.

I hardly ever ask my bank to do anything - it’s the first time in years I’ve set up a S.O. - which should be perfectly routine stuff. And the very first thing that happens is…it goes wrong!

I think they’re only OK the rest of the time because I never ask for anything or change anything. As soon as I do, there’s instant stress.



Hi tina i had the same problem a few months back. I pay my 2 ladies direct payments through the banking online, and because I was going to be away I set up the payment for the week they should get paid. HSBC paid it immediately.

I wonder if it is a delay there end or something, because like you I had to double check my sanity. I had actually set the date right.

Lucky for me it didnt matter much they got paid a bit early lol, but they realised the mistake and didnt spend it.

These online banking systems are great when they work, but they dont always.

I think you will be fine send them a letter, with the screen shot, and they will have to sort it out.

Its just so annoying isnt it, when you know you have done it right. Big hugs.x

hi anitra, take a photo on your phone or digital camera, then go to the bank with the evidence this might work.

good luck, barbara.xx

This is worrying/infuriating - I hope you get it sorted out. I too bank online with Barclays and really don’t like the new interface. There are certain changes that’ve been made which make it less effective and efficient for me (partly because I have 4 personal and 2 business accounts) - I used to be able to see them all on one screen (my portfolio) with all their account numbers and balances in one go. I discovered several months ago that the email system didn’t work - after composing one and having it returned - really annoying! why not say upfront that the facility doesn’t exist? Sorry for ranting but it’s good to get it off my chest! BTW my council tax is paid by direct debit (no I don’t really like that either, what a grump…) but they do get it right :slight_smile:

B x