And still the scams roll in ...

Just before I read the post from Woblyboy (so this one is doing the rounds again!) I had another one:

The HMRC (Inland Revenue) have decided that my last assessment was too high, and I am due a refund of, … wait for it …
no less than lb1400.00.

Obviously it is someone who does not know the difference between “lb” and “£”. So then I looked at the sender’s address …
It came from a student account at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

I forwarded the message to HMRC and pointed out that the University might be interested. Probably some student who does not realise that making a quick Guilder on the side might actually cause some trouble.

It has also been pointed out on another forum, that bad English, or confusing “lb” and “£”, might be a way of sorting out the suckers from the ones who can spot a scam very quickly. In this case, that would be those who go straight past the scam indicator, and go for the “Click here for more details” button. That would suggest that this is just a phishing attempt to harvest the addresses of potential victims - which can then be sold on.


Geoff is a secret agent Jen :wink:

Well spotted Geoff! There are some unscrupulous types about! Teresa xx


you make me laugh!

Freckles xxx