Vicks first defence

No, I don’t work for them , but am merely posting my experience of this drug to prevent the extra suffering that I, and probaly you, suffer from when we catch the dreaded common cold.

Everyone around me here at home has come down with a particulary nasty and most unpleasant cold this last 2 weeks, so bad that my wife has actually had to consign herself to bed she feels that ill.

It is a cold however, and not the flu, of that we are 99% sure.

The kids are still unwell but gradually recovering.

Big alert for me, as i ALWAYS catch what’s going around, and past experiences have been most long lasting and extremelly unpleasant.

So, with much cynisism I decided to try this stuff after reading generally excellent reviews, and I must say, they were right!!!

Absolutely gobsmacked I am.

First sign of the so familiar and bit of the dreadaed tickle of impending doom and gloom in the throat and I used it.

Two weeks on, and still surrounded by germ infested family, and touch wood, apart from a lingerring slight dryness and a bit of snotiness, and I’m extremelly happy with it.

It really does appear to have worked so far

Just thought I’d pass this info on that might be of interest to you all.

N.B… YOU MUST use this product at the very first signs of infection, otherwise it’s totally useless.

Glad it worked for you - I tried it once and it was so painful in my nose that I couldn’t do it again.

Any tips to stop the dreaded cold are helpful though.

Keep well,

Jen x

It gave me diarrhoea! An unknown side effect if you are sensitive to one of the ingredients which one I can’t remember!