Head cold

What’s the best thing to do for a head cold. I’m so choked in have spray I have from doc as my sinuses often play up but it’s not a cold more likely an allergy . Anyway I’m so choked that when I use the spray it just runs back down. It’s giving me a headache with the pressure. It’s just typical I never go out and I had a night out all planned tomorrow just a meal with a few people and one or two drinks and no walking involved. But I’m thinking I maybe should just be in bed. Though my family have all a cold so they won’t think I should be in bed. I tried a sinus rinse but the water seemed to go where water shouldn’t go. I’m about to try steaming. I can’t even have a shower as my bath room has just been plastered . (I use the shower at mums to wash) Any advice x

Poor you I hate having colds everything always seems so much worse!

I swear by vicks vapour rub, on chest and back.

Hope you’re soon feeling loads better and can arrange another night out.

Freckles xxx


Lots of steam inhalation! Keep at it and put something like Olbas or Vicks in the water. Have you got one of those facial steamers? Xoxo