shallow breathing,stuffy nose..its scares me

Hey just wondered has anyone had this.For the last week my breathing is shallow.Short fast breaths and it scares me.I had a bad cold 2 weeks ago and haven’t been the same since.At night I struggle to sleep with the breathing.Dont know what it is,is it sinus infection or chest infection.Im making my worse with worry with it.Never had anything like this before…

Sounds like a visit to the docs necessary. Breathing following a cold, can take a bit to rectify itself and yeh, maybe a nasal infection.


Hi Jimmy

Make sure you see the doctor on Monday.

meanwhile get some Blistex ointment (it’s for cold sores and the like) because it’s lightly medicated and helps keep your nose open for breathing.

maybe some mindfulness breathing could help.

Carole x

Steam, or menthol crystals in boiling hot steamy water as an inhalation.

“Vicks” on the bottom of your feet and a nice pair of socks, particularly in bed.

any of these might help with a stuffed up nose or congested chest.

But be careful not to burn yourself with boiling water and only use a few tiny grains (the equivalent to about 6 grains of white sugar to every pint of water) of menthol crystals they’re mighty powerful.

but as others have said shortness of breath warrants a doctors visit, if you’ve got an infection only they can sort you out.

feel better soon.

Thanks guys,today it’s turned into a bad cold and I feel like crap.The breathing thing was gone all day until just a while ago.My lungs seem fine,not wheezing or anything just that my breaths are short and fast.Im taking hot lemsip which I find is great.Im thinking about goin to doctor tomorrow but I have my tysabri infusion on Tuesday so I don’t know what to do

Hi Jimmy

Definitely speak to your GP. Worry feeds off the unknown, so when something like this happens, your brain will go into overtime, thinking/worrying about what it could be. So speaking to someone who has expert knowledge will help put those fears to bed.

And with regard to your infusion, give the nurses a call. Explain what’s happened, and they’ll be able to say what to do.


Thanks Dan, I went to go today and told her the story.My lungs were fine,no wheezing or anything.She did a urine check but I couldn’t pee after drinking lots of Water so il drop it in in the morning.Got antibiotics for it anyway so if that doesn’t work il be lost.Rang about infusion but nobody answered but left a message . Hopefully this will be sorted to stop me worrying.