My Facebook buds are hopeless..please help!

I have been having a Facebook discussion trying to find out what it was my mum used to pin to my pyjamas when I was a toddler. They were bottle shaped gelatin capsules. You broke the top off and poured it over a piece of gauze. Mums used to then pin the gauze to their kids fronts so they inhaled it. My mum used to pin the whole thing to me and I had to go to bed with it. What were they? My mum called them ‘titty bottles’ but I don’t think they were really called that. Pat

i know exactly what you on about, i got the name on the tip of my tongue, was it vicks? or something along those lines?

Hi I think it was called karvol Hope x

Was it chloroform?

Hi, I immediately thought of Karvol capsules like Hope said. Sam x

Wow, it’s not that much of a blast from the past! It’s still sold, and I’ve got some here in the house.

I never even thought of it, because I was imagining it was one of those childhood things that have long since disappeared. I’ve got it for myself, to sprinkle on the pillow when I get one of my really bad colds.


[quote=“Pat”] [quote=whammel]

Was it chloroform?

[/quote] Chloroform??? No wonder I’m not the full ticket![/quote]

im not the full ticket either n i wasnt even dropped on my head as a baby lol

Olbas Oil?

Olbas Oil?