Warning.............magnessium oil.

Hi all A warning for you… When you spray magnessium oil all over your legs to help with spasticity, don’t then spoon your husband in bed. Because, at 1am he will wake you up, yelling that his bum is on fire, run into the bathroom, splash cold water everywhere, still yelling, my bum, my bum, flash said bum at you, which is now a fetching shade of scarlet, rather like a baboon, and takes ages to calm down, not helped by you roaring with helpless laughter !!! Am still chuckling this morning !! Xx

Husband sprayed on his arm and all went red, and my legs burnt one night eventhough I’ve used for ages. Not funny but your story really made me smile, first time in ages so thank you xx

Ha ha, poor guy. You must really be hot stuff!!! (sorry for the awful joke couldn’t resist!) x

Ha ha. Poor chap. Shouldn’t laugh but still… ha ha ha.

Your post reads like the amazon reviews for Veet for Men. If you fancy another chuckle, read those (not for the faint hearted btw) At the very least, show them to said hubby as I am sure he can sympathise!.




One is tempted to suggest that it could have been worse…

Warning noted! I have to apologise but I roared with laughter. I would have been the same, wanting to help but can’t for laughing. I’ve got tears rolling down my face, too funny. Sorry Mr H x Alison has reminded me of the time going back years that my step dads best friend put some of that deep heat stuff on his legs after running, he forgot to wash his hands afterwards. In the middle of the night when he went to the loo… Sam xx

Oh, Alison, it soooo could have been worse…but I still would’ve laughed !! Baaaad wifey. MrH has just rung from work and reports issues sitting down…I so have to stop laughing…but it is funny. Bet there’s an unhealthy distance between us tonight, after I’ve sprayed it on. Xx

Anti-husband spray. Some people would pay good money for that.

I’ve heard a taser is more effective… Xx

Ha ha, this is brilliant, happy Friday all… just what I needed, I can imagin him running around ha ha ha ha.

Watch he doesnt get his own back with itching powder in your pants! I would so do that to my wife, ok maybe im not that brave but I would do something!

It’s our second wedding anniversary on Monday, as well as my birthday…I might have picked the wrong time to laugh !! Xx

Oh I really enjoyed that. Sorry Mr H. It reminds me of when my mum put too much aftershave on a spot in the middle of my dads back and it ran down. He spent quite a while sitting in the very cool dregs of his bath water with enough howling to drown out her laughter.

LMAO!!! Poor Mr H

Reminds me of the time a man in my life was chopping up chillies and went to the loo without washing his hands first…

Quite a sight seeing him running around the house yelling with his doodle flapping in the breeze…