Warning..........magnessium oil.

Hi all A warning for you… When you spray magnessium oil all over your legs to help with spasticity, don’t then spoon your husband in bed. Because, at 1am he will wake you up, yelling that his bum is on fire, run into the bathroom, splash cold water everywhere, still yelling, my bum, my bum, flash said bum at you, which is now a fetching shade of scarlet, rather like a baboon, and takes ages to calm down, not helped by you roaring with helpless laughter !!! Am still chuckling this morning !! Xx



LOL!!! You might have to resort to pyjamas from now on :slight_smile: Kx

got to try this!

read this while on the phone to my boss, chuckling away

Too funny :slight_smile:

Ha ha, sounds a bit like deep heat in the wrong place!!

Thank god he didn’t turn around in the night

Poor fellah,but what will he do for revenge?

Wb x

Karen…pyjama’s ? WHAT?! We’re still in honeymoon phase. Never thought about my post giving that away !! It was certainly deep heat…with a vengeance…his bum was glowing…he’s just rung from work and reports issues sitting down !!! Wb…I don’t know but I guess it’ll be good !!! Xx

Oops…it just occurred to me…it’s our second wedding anniversary and my birthday on Monday…I might have picked the wrong time to laugh !! Xx

Haha…that really made me laugh Mrs H :slight_smile: just what we all need on this site, poor husband however its one to bear in mind if mine ever gets on the wrong side of me, literally :wink: xxx