ahhhhhh, that smarts!

Hello…boy did I have a rude awakening this am!

Hubby brought my brekkie tray in shouting Oi!.He has a wonderful way with words…i opened my eyes and instantly felt a sharp pain in my right ankle…Foot had slpped of it`s supporting pillow and was flopping.

I raised the head end of my bed and hubby put the tray on me…I drank the laxido mix…next thing I knew…my neck and upper chest were burning hot! I must`ve fallen back to sleep, as I didnt see the cup of hot fruity tea drink sliding towards me!

It emptied its contents on me and wow oh wow did it hurt! Hubby was still in the bedroom, giving the doggy her tablets. Yeh, were all on summat or t`other!

He reacted slowly and probaby thought I was still going on about my ankle and Im yelling..Quick, get it off me, get it off me. I tugged at the neck of my nightie, holding it away from my skin..................the duvet was also wet and hot....I managed to push that away.........then hubby did realise something was wrong. But instead of just dragging my nightie off, he pulled at the armhole.....Pull the back, lift me, pull somehting! Dya know, at one time he didnt need so mch encouragement to remove my clothing…

He saw what was wrong and then fetched a cloth (Granville), which was sopping wet with cold water…within a milli second, it became warm, so he re-wet it.

5 hours ater,it is still smarting a bit…but doesnt need tparamedics.

Lesson…no more hot drinks in bed…especially when t`wife isnt fully awake, eh?

luv Polx

Oh Poll sounds painful. Have you got any Aloe vera gel. Always great for burns and heat spots. Remember watching husband one night wake up grab his glass of water take a sip and rest the glass on his chest. Thought he was going to take another sip but no he went back to sleep and turned over. Result - cold water bath and a very rude awakening for him but unlike you he did not suffer any injury. He couldn’t work out why I found it funny.

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

We had a similar incident at work a while back.

A lady at work was holding a full mug of coffee and somebody bumped her elbow. Not a massive bump but they caught her on the funny bone near the nerve which made her jerk her arm up and she literally threw the whole mug of black coffee all over her chest! This was last summer and she was only wearing a vest top (it was an inset day so there were no children in school).

I told her to immediately go and strip off and run lots of cold water over the area which she did for sometime but hers still blistered and she had to go home and slap a bag of frozen peas on her chest! She was back at work the next day but couldn’t wear a bra (luckily she could manage without) and had to keep applying some burn cream for a few days.

We were half teasing her and sympathising the next day. All the time thinking we were lucky it wasn’t any of us as we were all stood around with hot drinks that day and it’s so easily done … The person who had bumped into her was completely oblivious of what had happened afterwards …

Tracey xx

Very painful i know hot stuff on chest very sore when i was at work as a chef we used to reheat large tins of baked beans into a container and then into a large steamer trouble was water used to collect on the top of these containers so you would have to try and tip the water of the container without spilling contents that didnt work this day and emptied contents over my chest instead , lucky for me i was wearing a double breasted jacket but was still rushed into a cold shower fully clothed and then taken up to casulty were they wrapped my torse in cling film to keep moisture in apparently then spent 3 weeks having my breasts dressed every day. Just a small scare and a burning story to tell . hope you feel better soon .Katy

Oh Poll, you are in the wars, hope you got some cream to cool it.

Good idea of your hubby…no more hot drinks for you until you are awake.

Take care

Pam x

hi poll

this was a painful tale about scalding your chest but theres something in the way you tell them!

i was going oh, ow! ahhh but trying not to giggle. so sorry poll.

i know that you will write that book one of these days and i can’t wait to buy a copy.

but what about a screenplay? who would you want to play you?

carole xxx

Noooo pol

yep that smarts like ell , hope it eases as nothing worse especially up the as it’s always

moving when breathing so rubs like mad i know the odd time ive done it , it doesn’t

half wake you up quick, hope you have a better day

sheep x

Cheers all for your replies.

As soon as I heard hubby get up, this am, I sat bolt upright, raised my bed head up and opened my eyes wide.

Hubby brought brekkie tray in …complete with cup of hot fruit tea…the he placed it unsteadily on me.I said Hold that chuffin cup! Then as he attempted to give Lucy her tablets, she decided she didnt want thm and went to jump towards me...........Tek that bloody cup away. I dont want a hot drink in a morning thankyou very much!`

I did a really daft thing, after getting dressed…I only srayed som Rhianna perfume on me chest…owwwww…daft cow!


Hi Pol

Yes, it is a good idea to get the tea in your mouth, not elsewhere. . .

I suppose thats another term for “wetting yourself”.

Your stories sound like something out of Wallace and Gromit or Norman Widsom films. . Youre so funny… I love the way you see the lighter side of life. Lol.

I completely feel for you, that would just put me off for life, being burned like that… ooooch …

I am bedridden, so my bedroom has become the heart of my house. So when ever I see my loved one coming towards or towering over me with hot treats, I start yelling like mad. Making him wait till Im ready. I have a terrible tremor which has the capability of turning a glass of milk into a milk shake. Even when using my over bed table, Im forever knocking my teas off it, when I get a sudden jerk and my arms or legs go flying. I guess its best to laugh though.

Try Arnica gel, that works too.

Better luck with all your future “breakfast in bed”.

Take care

Almond xxx