Bad idea lol!!

So …i am having a really severe relapse,cant stand for more than a minute…feel like i am dying because of the severe exhaustion and vertigo…this morning didnt feel quite as bad and thought it a good idea to have my partner wash my hair over the sink!!! so now i feel worse than ever and could kick myself…WHY do i never,ever learn!! I know what i should do but i just cant do it lol.I get the odd few hours where i think i can do stuff, but then i do them and it knocks me for six.

Hello Jaydee.

It’s our natural instinct; when we think we can we will. Then we get bitten in the bottom. Time to rest, I think. I keep getting the urge to make bread but I’m holding back until my conditions settle down.

Take it easy, Steve

Yeh, happens to me often…our minds say yeh but our bodies say NO WAY!


Your right there Steve.It is our instinct and always will be.I get so annoyed with myself though.I am getting the urge to bake but i won’t after todays episode.

I just wish i could stop it Poll xx

Completely normal jaydee,

whilst it is flippin’ annoying that our eager optimism makes fools out of us, I can’t help but have a sneaking admiration for this sometime misplaced positivity. When things actually work out with a good result the victory is enormous. Try to avoid the energy sapping anger and enjoy the good bits and try to learn from the not so good bits (much easier said than done, I have been doing this stuff for years and still get it badly wrong on many occasions) Good luck


I’m like this and pay big time, it does my head in, as I’m sure it does yours.

Jean x

I am a victim off my own stupidity when it come to not listening to my body and just pushing myself to complete and utter exhaustion.

I will not give in to this MS even though I know I’ll never win the battle, but the stubbornness inside me tells me to carry on going until it’s just impossible.

I’ve seen me deciding that I can wash the car, which in itself is a daft idea, then after 15 mins having to take my phone out and ring the wife, who’s in the house and I’m only on the drive, to come and help me as I’ve literally sunk to my knees, tipped forward into the washing bucket, ending up dripping wet and covered in soap suds in a soggy bundle cursing the MS and anyone else who might be watching this fiasco from behind their curtains…

When ever things like this always happen, which is often, I always end up hearing the same six words from the wife, " Don’t say I didn’t tell you"

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once every week i cook something that i know will be delicious, but (there’s always a but) just as it is ready i forget how to navigate my kitchen. the slow cooker is the worst, i lift the lid and stare at it but that’s all i can manage. can’t blame fatigue because it’s more of a mental block.

was going to do braising steak today but cannot face my slowcookerphobia!

has anyone else developed phobias in this way?

looks like cheese butties, good job i like cheese!

so will it be cheese on toast? wish i still had a breville sandwich toaster!

Carole x

jactac, I understand 100% what you are saying, once I have decided I can do it (no matter how daft) I will struggle on until properly defeated or collapse. Recent incidents involved washing my mobility scooter (I was knackered by the time I opened the garage and pulled the trailer out!) and trying to put a sun umbrella together. I was not going to be beaten despite the lack of 4 working limbs, a very stubborn hand and the balance of someone 2/3 of the way through a bottle of spirits. By using the fence and my rollator, vast amounts of swearing (sorry neighbours) and only a little bit of damage to the parasol, after 2 hours the job was DONE. the fact that I was then super messed up enough to not be able to make use of the parasol for two days is NOT the point. Although my pragmatic wife might disagree.

Although I know that she is right, there are times that I NEED to engage in the struggle, whatever the consequences.

After all this one finger typing I think I will go for a lie down.

Good luck with however you deal with stuff.


Cheese on toast sounds brilliant, if you need to pep it up you can add Worcestershire sauce or pickle.



i do put pickle on it. they are those jumbo size pickled onions so i have to get out my very sharp japanese knives and slice them (of course being careful not to slice my fingers- never a good addition to cheese on toast).

ring pulls on tins of beans are the worst, alongside corned beef tins.

well this ain’t getting the cheese grilled!

So have i Mick been getting it all wrong in the last 28 years of MS.I am still not used to it.

It really does 'do my head in ’ Jean. x

going o/t here

many years ago was given some fish knives - just found them during a little tidy up…know it’s a silly question but what are they for…what can they do that an ordinary knife can’t ?

Yeah Mick but don’t you feel Top Dog when you do achieve what you set out to do.

I really do think that with MS you need that stubborn streak in you just to deal with the daily frustration of what MS brings.

cracowian, never let common sense get in the way of a marketing ploy…

I am sure that smarter people than me might know (I will try Google) but my father in law’s theory is that someone messed up whilst making standard knives and the manufacturer ended up with a duff batch so got the marketing bods to invent a new market.



Google says… A fish knife is similar to other table knives, but it has a wide, flat spatula blade and a sharp point. These features make it quite useful when eating a fish fillet, and even more useful when eating a whole fish. The point can be used to initiate important cuts on a whole fish that will make removing the skin easier.


The knife blade has a curved sharp edge, perfect for sliding between the skin and flesh of the fish. … The blade terminates in a relatively sharp point which is useful to lift small bones away from the flesh. The wide surface may also be used to scrape up, or spread any sauce served with the fish.

Plausible but still a bit iffy!