Fried Brain!

Hi . Just wondering how everyone is coping in the heat and if anyone can identify with the title of this post? I thought I’d been quite sensible today with ‘heat management’ but late this afternoon I started feeling hot inside my head… like my brain is being fried!!! It’s a bit better than it was earlier, but still feels not right. Well - not normal. OK - an MS brain is never normal, but I hope someone has some idea about what I mean!

Yep,I get what you’re on about.My usual horrendous painful feet have gone to horrific.I reckon what has happened is that the ‘hot’ weather has caused my core temperature to rise and this bumps up the metabolic and immune system activity.Hence the ‘naughtiness’ increases and this affects the short circuiting and causes more pain. This will cause brain meltdown and plenty of other nasties.Vastly over simplified,but so am I.

I’ve used every ‘Top Cool Tip’ from here but mother nature has had her wicked way and the night will be hot and sticky…They were the days.We’re lucky here on the Wirral that you’re never more than four miles from the coast and there’s usually a breeze.

The Best of British for the next few days and keep up the good work.


My legs are being very naughty tonight. In particular the left leg is spasming constantly and is about to be sent to bed with no supper (apart from an extra dose of Clonazepam that is). Blasted weather, we wait all year for a bit of sun and warmth and then our wretched bodies go & spoil things by behaving very badly.

Hi I have done my hippy chick thing ( ok chick is a bit much ) and gone barefooted all day. Not that I would be able to put on shoes as my left foot is so swollen its almost deformed and throbbing. Not a pretty sight.

I am not complaining, honest.!!!

Mags xx

Hi, I was dx in Oct. Pre dx, for about 2/3 years, I used to call this ‘boiled brain syndrome’. I used to wear a hat for work and thought it was just the heat and used to refer putting the hat on as putting the lid on the pan. I know exactly what you are on about. Hope it eases for you & it cools down a bit for all of us. Cherry xx

Not 8:30 yet, and I’m too hot already! I normally wouldn’t even be awake yet at this time, due to keeping late hours, and then typically being woken at 3 a.m. by the usual combination of pain (drugs wearing off) and needing the loo - then lying awake for an hour after that.

Well this morning, I had all of that as usual, then woke up due to HEAT!

Then I realised I hadn’t checked my pension statements yesterday, which I’ve tried to make a commitment to do at the end of each month, as I realise I’ve been very careless about monitoring how they’re doing.

Thought I need to log in quickly and get the correct valuations, before the markets opened this morning.

My goodness, there’s no such thing as “logging in quickly”. I actually wrote the passwords down last month (I know you shouldn’t) so I’m damn sure they’re right. Can you believe two out of three (unrelated) sites said they didn’t recognise the password I used OK last month - and wrote down?

I tried and tried, thinking it’s the heat and I’ve mistyped something.

One of them wouldn’t even let me do a password reset (which I know I had to do last month too - and worked fine). It said “there was a problem, because you haven’t provided any security questions.” (How the heck did you let me reset it last month, then?)

Changed browsers - still couldn’t log in, but no “problem” doing a “forgot my password” reset with a different browser, even though I hadn’t forgotten my password, and didn’t want to change it, as it just leaves me more confused next month.

So looks like it was the sites themselves and/or browser compatibility (I’m all up-to-date with everything - maybe their sites aren’t?)

Honestly, how can it be such a faff to: (i) Log in, (ii) Just get a valuation?

Feel as if I’ve done a whole day’s work already, and am only just past my first cup of coffee.

Going for a tepid bath now - I didn’t even put the water on yesterday, as it was too hot to have the boiler going, so it’ll be whatever lukewarm dollop might still be in the tank.



Ha! Well it wasn’t 8:30 when I started - that’s how long everything is taking!

Morning Tina

Can totally relate to trying to access accounts by password. Trying to look at my phone bill and I have tried every combination of password and even changed it and I can’t still get in. So frustrating! Maybe this is the morning for failed passwords and it will work better when I have had my breakfast?!!

I am quite tech savvy so wonder how others who have not used computers etc in their working lives get on - just trying to speak to the bank you have to give them passwords and jump through hoops before you can ask a general question. Are lives are controlled by IT - gave up facebook as was spending too much time looking at other peoples’ lives and not getting on with my own. Sad eh.

Hope your bath has given you a boost - going to try toast and a cuppa and a hammer!!

Helen x

Morning Helen,

Yeah, I’m quite tech savvy too - spent most of my working life in IT.

The one thing about computing is it’s supposed to be logical. So it’s absolutely infuriating that something that worked OK last month suddenly doesn’t this month, because: “You haven’t provided any security questions”. I have, and must have, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to change my password EVER, and I’m pretty sure I end up needing to do it every damn month. So it makes no sense that they claim something isn’t safe, that was accepted only a month ago - and there’s no mention of a change of policy!

I know what you mean about the FB, too. I don’t have many actual buddies on there, and they’re all people I know IRL (with the exception of one, whom I’ve been corresponding with for over 15 years, so it does count as “know”, in my opinion).

Anyway, I recently made the mistake of joining a FB Group - Dutch Learners. It is useful for the hints & tips, but since FB revamped the news feed, I seem to be getting every damn post from the whole group - most of them irrelevant to language learning. E.g. someone in Chicago, posting: “Hi guys, I’m so excited, I will be visiting EUROPE!!! But I won’t be going to The Netherlands though.” Very nice for him, but…I don’t care! Wanted to post (but resisted): “No. 1, we’re not all one big country. No. 2, if you’re not going to The Netherlands (or Belgium), you won’t be speaking any Dutch, or hearing it, and therefore it’s got s*d all relevance to a group of people learning DUTCH!”.

My news feed is full up with this kind of junk. I wish it was smart enough to allow filtering by quality, so you could say: “Show me if it’s a really interesting, grammar point”, but: “Don’t show me if it’s some dross about a total stranger’s holiday, which isn’t even to The Netherlands.”

I keep clicking: “See less of this”, “See less of this”, but I think the only way I’ll stop it is to unsubscribe from the group altogether, and then I’ll miss out on the (occasional) good and interesting post that’s actually about language study.



From reading this thread, I can only conclude that computers suffer from fried brain, too! Tina, I’m entirely convinced that passwords problems are something computers do to spite us. Electronics do this thing, I call it the “malignancy of machinery”, it rears its head in many ways, and driving you nuts about passwords is a prime example.

I had this windows live account, I try to log in one day and this is what happened:

  • Log in with same password as normal
  • It says my password is wrong.
  • I know it’s right, it’s saved on the computer and autofills…
  • It still insists it’s wrong so fine, I go to change it.
  • As it’s saying it’s wrong, I reset it to the same password
  • It tells me I can’t reset to the same password that’s already in place…

Oh! So it’s NOT wrong then…but I never did manage to log into that account ever again.

Another prime example of the malignancy of machinery is traffic lights. Got plenty of time to get somewhere? Every light will be in your favour…Late? They’re all gonna be red, and you know it!

I’m definitely having more “what the f are you doing?!” moments than usual, and because I have a lot of cognitive issues I have a goodly amount of those moments already. Just typing this out I’m doing things wrong all over the place, then staring at the screen in a bemused fashion because I don’t know what I did for that bit of text to end up over there, etc…

I’d suggest we all just gave up and went back to bed, but it’s too hot for that retreat!

Hi, I get a hot brain/head most days…its called the menopause…12 years of it now!


Thanks for all the comments. Cherrylips you sound like you know EXACTLY what I mean - and have the same thing too. Not like menopausal stuff Poll - I have that as well and totally different! Sorry to hear about your password probs Tina - I think Jelly is right and computer ‘brains’ boil up too…

Hope everyone feeling a bit better now it’s a bit cooler. Had rain all morning here in ‘my’ bit of Devon - LOVELY! :slight_smile:

H x