Took me hours to notice I have burnt me hand ironing this morning think I may need to be more careful x :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh Rachyf, Please take care. That sounds awful! Teresa xx

Poor you, you’ll have to be more careful in future. Ironing is not the best chore in the world especially when you have ms so please be careful. Hope it’s not to painful, that is if you have the feeling back now.



it’s not bad must have been a quick touch can’t feel a thing and haven’t had much feeling for 3 months In left side. Think i will stick to dusting leave the ironing to hubby

At least you haven’t hurt yourself too badly,and maybe it’d be worth checking once you’ve finished.I had to stop ironing when the phone rang as I was doing a bit…I didn’t half burn my head.


oh wb what a picture i had of you answering the iron!

rachel - ironing is a chore that is really easy to give up! or reduce, delegate, and there must be other words but my brain is tired.

i havent done any ironing for years. husband and sons are big enough to do their own and i only buy things that dont need ironing. the world doesnt stop turning if you dont iron the bedsheets.

please be careful with that iron!

carole x

OW!!! poor you…

I did a similar thing with a broken glass and a numb bare foot. I could not figure out where all the blood on the floor was coming from. Checked the kids, nope. Checked the dog. Nope. Cats? Nope.

Checked me eventually. Massive peice of glass wedged in the sole of my foot and I never felt a thing.

This numbness is a problem

Do take care…


I checked my travel mug was not leaking by putting my hand round the join and slightly tipping it to feel if it got damp. Took me about 10 seconds to realise I had left the opening open on the lid and the coffee just poured out of there instead onto my palm. If the nerves weren’t so dulled down, they are now!

I have found a massive benefit from the peripheral numbness.

When I went on holiday recently I noticed a number of people with insect bites that they had scratched to bleeding, making them really ugly, open sores.

The next day I had two insect bites. I didn’t feel a thing so no scratching…brilliant.


Be very careful with knives too, I tend to cut my hands without realising it, then notice the veg are full of blood!

Did you want bigger hands then?