iron as in clothes

Morning all how you doing, Well one way to get out of doing the ironing.

I was sat on a chair on sunday 4 tops ironed just started the 5th and the legs of the ironing bored gave way landing on my knee luckly l still had hold of my iron or it may have given me a nasty burn.

So now l have to wait till someone will get me a new one may be daughter will offer to do my ironing, LOL

Regards Jan

Hi Jan, glad you weren’t burnt!

I have to confess, I stopped working in Jan 06 and haven’t plugged my iron in since! Anything that absolutely needed ironing has gone to the charity shop. I tumble dry bedding & towels and everything else gets hung carefully on clothes horse so don’t need ironing!

It’s so liberating NOT ironing!

Then I saw on a history programme that the reason ironing started was to kill the lice and nits in clothing (washing alone, even boiling, didn’t kill the nits!).

As I’m sure none of us have a nit or lice problem I think we can all give up ironing altogether!

Hope you’re well hon (and you keep on ironing if you want).

Pat x

Hi, what an interesting reply from PatB. I imagine all those freshly ironed clothes with little black marks on from the dead animals!

Like her, I dont iron anything. If something looks like it will need ironing, I dont buy it!

luv Pollx

Hi Ladys hubby has fixed my ironing bored so l have to get on with the pile.

Pat l have never read that about lice or nits but yes l can see l wood do some good.

Poll l am looking more for things that don t need ironing but l started with daughters work stuff its cotton so needs doing.

Take care all love Janxx

Hi all

I got a perch stool delivered on Monday so i am thinking that i can do the ironing now so am going to give it a go,anybody else use one?

Well hopefully it will fill my day a bit doing some ironing, but can think of better things to do.

Karen xx

Hi Karen, if you scroll down on the ppms posts you will see there was a whole thread on perching stools.

Good luck with the ironing! Yep I could think of better things to do… but I also seem to remember finding ironing quite relaxing sometimes and there’s a certain satisfaction to it (not enough to get me ironing though… lol…)

Pat x

I have taught all three of my teenagers to iron (all boys). I am not having them unable to cope when they leave home. That leaves me free from ironing for 3 days a week - it’s bliss on those days! Teresa xx

Hi Karen, That is mostly what I use my stool for! Teresa xx

Thanks pat will have a look now.


Yes teresa i think thats what i be using mine for going to give it a go tomorrow.xx

Karen xx