Ha, Friday, when I looked out of the window, I had a brain muddle, cos I said, Oh look at the flosnakes!`

Worked it out yet?

Snowflakes of course.

Silly me!

luv Pollx

Nowt to do with MS, Poll. :wink:

My Mum’s been doing these (called “Spoonerisms”, after an Oxford don who was famous - or infamous - for them) for as long as anyone can remember.

I can’t remember most of them; there have been too many, but I do remember, when my brother was small, and playing with a toy aeroplane, she turned to him and remarked: “That was a good nive dose, Andy!”

The funniest part was he accepted it as completely normal, and answerd simply: “Yeah”.



Hi Poll,

Was this before or after your fifth cocktail???



Hi Poll Thought I had been missing out on some new, wonderful craze when I read this title. Laughed my socks off when I read your post! Teresa xx

Yeh, thats a good un, Tina.

My funniest (and rudest) was when we moved house and I was soooooooooo knackerd (long before MS). I couldnt find what I was looking for and asked, Has anyone seen the licking up wash dick?` Beat that!

For anyone who cant work it out, its `washing up liquid.

luv Pollx

Hi Moira, no, this was as i ate my breakfast. with …prune juice…I wonder if hubby laced it with alcohol?

luv Pollx

Hi and lol. Have the flosnakes gone away yet Poll? As far as I’m concerned you can keep them, but luckily have seen barely any up here this winter , snowflakes that is, lol. Having a laugh at your mum and brother too, Tina. When I was little we used to stay next door to a Mr Spooner (not the Oxford one) and I always thought Spooner was a cool name, never known another one since either. Cheryl:)

my husband always liked doing spoonerisms now he does them even when all the time with ms he is always mixing up words saying them backwards stuttering slurring and sometimes we find it really funny. x julie

chineapple punks!

Hi Poll

I do so many of these and have for years so cannot even blame the MS.

Years ago I said I didn’t understand why teenagers would ever want to try ‘snue gliffing’!

Just this morning, in the midst of a relapse, I woke with a pain in the temple for the 4th morning running and said to my son “I hope I don’t have a lesion in my ‘blain’ again”!! Oh, perhaps I do, permanently, as the speech is clearly going!

When my son was young at school, I told him to sit down and eat his TV and watch his breakfast in peace while I rushed around. Luckily he is adept at working out what I really mean.

When I saw your post, I knew exactly what you meant as it was exactly the kind of thing I say all the time. I wish I had age as an excuse too, but I’m not even 50 yet. God help me when I get nearer 60, I’ll be talking total nonsense by then …

Enjoy the rest of the day, more flosnakes to come I think

Tracey xx

hey! The flosnakes are back again today!

luv Pollx

We’ve just had a flosnake storm!

Tracey x

Plenty of your flowsnakes here Poll. Just getting warmed up after a good Tramp with the dogs over the fields. They are just like children - the way they get so excited when it is windy. At least the freezing cold wind has dried up some of the mud.

Suns out as well - which makes it more enjoyable. l am having a nice cup of coffee now - my cheeks are bright red from the fresh freezing air. Face is the same as well.

Just listening to the news Poll - all about the 'sentencing of Vicki Price and Chris Hume. The judge should insist they pay for all of the court costs and their stay in prison - full board - and for heaven sake - put the stupid couple together in the same cell!!!

That will teach them.

Oh, and feed them just cabbage or sprouts - just to improve the ambience.


This made me chuckle!

I came out with ‘I hope the snowman isn’t having the day off just because its posting’. Luckily/worringly, I said it outloud only to myself…

My daughter started these when she was a baby, however many times we tried to correct her, it was always " I need the tea pot" At seven she has honed her comical language skills and often comes up with new ones “quosmitos” being a recent one. Paul