MS Spectre

Someone pushed me over on Saturday evening, think it was an MS spectre, anyway I wish he would leave me alone, lots of muscles aching today but no bones broken thank goodness, and I was using 2 sticks, wish I’d seen him, I would have walloped him with one of my sticks!!

Wendy x


funny you should say that wendy.

he pushed me off my chair yesterday.

family wanted to know if i’d stood up too quickly, had i had something to eat etc etc.

but nope i was sat on a dining chair and suddenly i was on the carpet.

they all think i’m going daft but we know who it was!!

now it’s ok to use foul language at him (its definitely male) because it’s a well known symptom of ms.

carole x

I think he was the one that broke into my house and has battered the soles of my feet - even the arch of my foot hurts. Of course he drugged me first so I didn’t wake up.

He is a nasty git!!!

JBK xx

This is really strange, I think he’s the one who laced my water with vodka last week and keeps sneaking it in when I’m not looking, I’ve been walking like a drunk on & off since Wednesday last week (Please, no relapse! putting it down to stress & tiredness).

I hope you all feel better soon.

Cherry xx

Could ‘she’ be the one responsible for my fatigue?



Yes family’s don’t always get it carole, my dad said “what did you fall over the cat?”

Wendy x

Quite agree JBK!

Wendy xx

Yes can’t tell you how many times I’m told to “take more water with it”. I sometimes think MS is revenge for all those nights I really did come home a bit drunk.

Pray that you’re not having a relapse too Cherry xx

Yes ok it could be a she Ben, I may be wrong with the gender, whoever he/she is, I wish they’d give us a break.


yea sorry ben!

then again it would be more fitting for you to beat HIM up rather than HER!

it was the sneaky way he pushed me off my chair.

i’m the only female in a house of men so i’m alllowed a sexist remark.

we have a female cat but she is gender confused because she is called george.

anyway we’ll all beat IT up.

Lol, never thought of the revenge, oh dear!! If my brain worked properly I’d now be working out how many nights x years,

think I’m in trouble!!!

Thanks Wendy, hopefully not a relapse, just the remnants of a chest infections x tiredness x stress from work.

Cherry xx

Apologies accepted.

Gender neutral MS spectre, ghost, phantom or whatever, I agree, we need to beat the cr*p out of it,

Call in the heavies I say - the despicable monster once threw me down a flight of granite steps.



granite steps, i bet that hurt a bit!

shit bag ghost needs a good thumping.

carole x

Ouch indeed, I only fell onto par-qui flooring in my hall, my warm clothes (plus layer of fat saved me from any lasting damage, just lots of pains and aches, that granite floor sounds like it could have done a lot more damage.

Wendy x

I think you’ve all got it wrong! It’s male and female, there is more than one of them!. What’s more? They have accomplices, you didn’t think that chair was innocent, did you? And floors , don’t start me on floors. They have back up too, dogs, cats, even small children are put in place to trip you up in case the MS Monster fails!!!

We can’t out run them but we can laugh at them and pull funny face at them. If all else fails resort to rude Gestures (?)

And All you Hope all bumps and bruises mend well xx :slight_smile:

Thanks for your concern girls. The granite was indeed bl**dy hard, but luckily I wasn’t badly hurt. There were only about half a dozen steps - but I was shaken - it could have been much nastier.


Teddie - You’re right, we can’t outrun them, but pulling a face seems rather tame.

Personally, I always find a couple of blasphemous expletives rather effective.

I agree Ben but we did have a laugh about it once my daughter realised no real harm was done, I told her it was just like a monty python sketch, we laughed with the relief of it all. Some pains have gone but one or two new pains I’m having to force right leg to move at the moment, W x

Ben/Teddie I use both. Pavements are my nemesis. Since my last encounter, the telling off and pulling faces it got seems to have worked up to now, am getting a walking stick soon so they had better watch out! Sick of the ‘boxer’ look, don’t suit it.