The random throwing of objects?

Right you lovely lot I would like to know if any of you have problems with randomly throwing objects?? Its very bizzare I have rrms been diagnoised for around 3 years, my left arm is the main problem tingles, numb, loss of grip ect but over the last few day’s it has decided to start throwing things, mobil phones, sugar sachets in costa coffee (made a huge mess ran away fast ha) was wondering if anyone else has experianced simler? ta Sam :slight_smile:

Hello Sam,I haven’t got any experience of throwing the contents of my flat around the flat,but I have experienced involuntary twitching and movements of the arms and legs whilst watching the TV.I’ve sort of tried to throw punches,kick things,even though I don’t do football, etc blah blah.

Different I know,but 'praps you’ve got a much classier version.An MS Professional should be able to comment on it.Are there ‘triggers’?,are you upset,got the TV on etc.If there’s a pattern to your ‘launching sessions’,maybe you can identify it,and break it.

How’s your Contents Insurance?


hi Sam sorry but it made me chuckle the vision of a mass carpet of sugar sachets all over the floor n ppl just looking at u in disgust :frowning: if only they had the slightest clue eh "/ I’ve not exactly suffered with the throwing of things but I constantly drop things plates, cups huge steamer trays full off scolding food at work ( I’ll be honest I had to laugh at that 1 as my colleague went into complete melt down n I nearly wet myself lol) I to also get the twitches/jumps when I’m trying to relax or sleep n I suppose thinking about it if anythings in my way then it or them gets it haha jeez u just gotta luv the human body :slight_smile: Lou :slight_smile:

Oh Sammy i am sorry but you did make me giggle.

Big huggs



i’ve done similar things. my hubby blames it on me being clumsy but i KNOW it’s that alien hand syndrome!

i had it before i had ms. i once accidentally sent an email to everyone named n to z at wigan council. luckily it was a work email not a filthy one but unfortunately most of my bosses were in that group.

but hey its not that bad as symptoms go. less embarassing than wetting yourself which i also do!

carole x

I suffer involuntary hand twitches/spasms but not throwing things worst I ever do is smack my self round the face when drying baking sheets or pan’s up. My husband keeps saying I’ll be blaming him for wife beating lol Keep smiling :-)) xx

Thank’s everyone look’s like it may not be MS after all, my left arm may be possessed by a angry dead cricket player instead :slight_smile: but think I will mention it to my MS nurce just incase x

I remember just prior to being dx going to see ‘feet of flames’ (Michael Flatley) with my sis, my treat to her before we were posted for 3 years, the seating was fairly steep and you can probably guess what happened next (twitchy leg and foot) old lady in front was very understanding, my sister leaping about apologising…quite embarassing really.

Alison x

Hi Sammylatch

I worked 25 years in the chemical industry so when I seemed to get the hand shakes handling 96% OV (sulpric acid ) other people (workmates) just blamed it on my being still being intoxicated from the night before. but when we all look back on our lives we all had the signs and syptoms yet never noticed them (or just passed them off) as a ‘Oops’ moments in life… wait till your balance go’s for you … like mine has … As I broke my right wrist 3 times and my left one 2 times but learned to roll when tripping over nothing … wait till your speach go’s awol on you … so please Do Sammylatch mention it to your MS Nurse they are there to help you adjust to this new lifestyle…

Have Fun


I was watching YouTube and my phone flew like 5 feet away from me…m I don’t if that radomly dose that it’s never happend to me so i don’t know.

Funny i’ve just read this. I have a weak right hand side but have never dropped anything - until this morning at work. Was making a brew for myself and I threw the spoon under a colleagues desk. It’s possible it just slipped as my hand was moving anyway but i’ve really no idea how it happened! C’est la vie huh!!


FYI i’m in Wigan too :slight_smile:

I often claim that my legs are ‘riverdancing’ when they’re spasming. Maybe all you were doing was trying to join in.

Hi, the thing that jumps out at me from your post is that you ran away…fast…ran? fast?

those 2 words arent in my vocabulary!!! Wonder if any one else picked up on that?

Anyway, I `m more likely to drop stuff and it could land further away than expected, so you could loosley call that a kind of throw!

Just watch out for the china yeh?


I misjudge the power needed to move something a few inches, sending cups and glassware flying off table tops!

Hi Sam

I just love it when this happens, I have thrown pens around the office, knocked cups flying, my bank card, food … ooo the list goes on!

Very little warning and no idea on triggers …

Keep laughing at it x

After many years of careful observation, I have come to the only conclusion that makes any sense. All household objects are possessed.

Every single one of them contain a little poltaghist, praying mantises waiting to pounce, whose sole purpose is to create as much chaos as they possibly can.

Tables, chairs, beds and walls can move with incredible speed and agility in order to place themselves directly in your path, giggling as they watch our desperate attempts to avoid them.

Phones, TV remotes, keys etc. Have an uncanny ability to instantly transport themselves to the last place you will ever look for them.

My biggest nemises however are definitely, cups, glasses, plates anything breakable, in fact. They sit there, all innecent like, but they are in fact little ganades. These vicious objects have no morals whatsoever. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with these tiny devils, they will jump, slide, tip, spill, and whenever possible, explode into the smallest pieces that physics will allow, showering you, your pets, furniture, and floors with often microscopic pices of glass or crockery, and releasing any contents, which is usually hot, to flow directly to you,

Too many mixed metaphors in this post one might think, but that shows just how sneaky and malicious these objects are, experts at transforming themselves from tools designed to help us into obstacles intent on hindering and making our lives more difficult.

Naughty naughty.

For the first time ever, I had similar experience. Was shaking a protein drink bottle and suddenly it flew out my hand and flung a few feet away. I picked it up and it happened again but flung further and burst open. I’m still in shock. Would you know what this symptom is called?

gosh i used to live in wigan many moons ago poolstock. I loved it in wigan got there after coming out of forces. SammyLatch

random throwing its usually down to a muscle spasm jerk. Someone is holding something and then JERK…the item flies out of the hand lol.

I used to drop stuff all the time, my brain decided not to tell the hand to grip lol.

Hi Sammy latch yes tell your ms nurse docter or neuro I have mutch the same thing on bad days it’s been plates phones

Anything that’s in my hand it happens on bad days or when I am trying to do to much its spasms neuro gave me clonazepam

For night spasms witch works but nothing for through the day I have ppms. Take care