A bit twitchy

I must type this out as it’s been in my head for over 2 weeks now. I am slightly bricking my Neuro appointment. I know I have MS, they told me, but I haven’t been told what type of MS I have. That’s what I’m nervous about. I’ve read all the jargon and I must say that I really am nervous about it. I don’t want to talk to hubby and worry him, he’s already worried. I know that there’s nothing I can do but wait, I don’t see him till November, even though GP has tried bringing the appointment forward. But you know how something niggles away xx

Hi Beverly, have you tried asking that question through your neuro’s secretary? Maybe she can get the answer for you if you keep asking. I’m new to this but learnt that I can only get info from secretary if persistent.

Oh I never though of that. I didn’t think they could? When I get the ‘bottle’ to do it, I will xx