A liitle bit scared

Hi again, I’ve had a bit of a rough few days, and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve had pretty permanent pins and needles/fuzzy/buzzy sensations in my legs for a week or two, but my left ankle now feels like its got a permanent draft around it, and my right leg is feeling wierd, as if its going to cramp but doesn’t, like a wave running down it from hip to knee. I woke up Thursday with a sore and slightly bloodshot eye, which has been blurry all weekend, but when I got in the bath last night, the blurring became double vision, in one eye if you see what I mean! I applied for life/criticall illness insurance last week, and obviously they want a doctors report which I have received today from the company to take to my GP. Do you think there’s any point? I’m nervous about my symptoms, and wonder if I should see my GP NOW, or if I should hold off till he’s done my report, or will his report already be enough to deny me the insurance as I am a ‘possible’ and awaiting further tests? Its not all about the money, but as I’ve said before, I’ve a mortgage and two teenage kids. I’m in a bit of a panic to be honest, I haven’t told the hubby about the ‘possible’ diagnosis, he knows the opthalmologist wants to see me again, but he’s worrying about my troublesome eye/leg and urging me back to the GP and wants to come with me. I haven’t told anyone about any of this, I just think whats the point worrying anyone else? but finding it hard to make a rational judgement at the moment! Sorry for the ramble…

I don’t know the legal ins and outs, but I can tell you the MS ins and outs. If you see your GP, the only thing that they can do is put a call into a neuro and ask for a more urgent appointment. At a push they might give you steroids. Steroids can help to speed up the time to remission IF it is MS that is causing your symptoms. That “IF” is important. What if it is something else? For example, MS wouldn’t cause your eye to be bloodshot. So what might? Only a medic can tell you for sure. And if it’s eyesight, it’s best not to muck about. If you want to delay, then at least see an optician or your ophthalmologist. And please consider telling your husband about the possibility of MS. It really does make the world of difference to talk to someone “real” and have them there with you through all of this. Karen x

Hi, You’re right, I need to talk to my hubby, I just want to protect him a bit, he’s recently lost both his parents, its been a hard time for him. I think I will ring the opthalmologist tomorrow regarding the eye though, as for the rest, its only money, and the stress worrying about it all isn’t helping one bit! I’m great at looking after other people, pretty crap at opening up myself or asking for help. Thanks for taking the time to reply xx

No wonder you don’t want to add to your husband’s worries :frowning: At least you can reassure him that nearly all MSers live a pretty normal lifespan - he’ll have to put up with you for a very long time! Kx