So F£££ed/Screwed...

I obviously have too much time on my hands, for a while I’ve known something else is going on with my MS. Well, Progressive Relapsing MS fits the bill ’they’ are suppose to treat the symptoms. What did ‘they’ do, the usual of course learn to grin and bare it!! Or bu££er all, I had to ask for the antidepressant when they were doing nothing . What would I do without this group?? Sorry but I had to moan somewhere,M

Hi M, seems we are in the 21st century in every way except with progressive MS!

Sorry they didn’t do anything hon. Did they even comment on the possibility of Progressive Relapsing?

Hope the antidepressants are helping? (this is you looking cool as ever).

You can moan on here as much as you want darling! That’s what friends are for.

Take care and enjoy this virtual cake I am sending you…

Thinking of you M,

Pat xx

It sounds as if things are tough atm M. I’m sorry - I hope the antidepressants are working now! We’ve had some lovely Spring weather recently - I hope that cheers you up a bit. Don’t worry about moaning - we all need to now and then! Take care and keep going! Teresa xx

Hi, my Consultant mentioned it in a letter in Feb. I wasn’t paying attention! I see him 3rd May so I’ll be more aware OR just pay more attention. Don’t worry I’m just p£££ed off, I’m going away for 2 nights with a school chum a Spa thing! and a good deal! So there is life in this old ££££, a bit tlc, Miss Marple moments (without the murders) afternoon tea, no twin set and pearls. Take care folks and be safe M

Good luck when you see the neuro M - hope it helps to see him! Have a lovely time with your school friend. I hope you enjoy lots of cream teas! Take care, Teresa xx

Have a lovely time hon… ooooh maybe there will be a murder while you’re there? Hey a female disabled detective! This is an idea that could work…

Good luck with the neuro appointment.

Have a cream tea for me!!!

Pat xx

Hi M

Good luck with your appointment, hope it goes well for you.

Have a lovely time on your spa break with your friend, take care

Pam x

Have a great time at your spa break M, nothing like a bit of a girly time to raise the spirits!

Can you fit in some retail therapy as well?

Hilary x

Cheers guys, I would love to fit everyone in, what a time we would have So Monday/Tuesday back Wednesday, what’s so great about it? I’m looking forward… I’m going to try really hard and stop looking at MS stuff apart from this forum or the coolest gang in the worldand Take care guys be safe and kind to yourself, sending tlc M

Have a good time and keep smiling after all laughter is the best medicine etc etc.I often escape in my head to a place Inused to spend time as a nine year old and it helps me with the dark times I retreat to this beautiful spot and it is always sunny and I sit cool in the shade of a tree. Trouble is when I snap out of it and come back to the real world. Have a good time and find a mental retreat place like mine it works for me.

We will all be with you in spirit M…

Pat xxx

Enjoy yourself M, Teresa xx