Light at the end of the tunnell...

Hi I had a sudden thought - yes I do every now and again! I have been struggling with low mood, dark places that should be sorted if you can’t manage! It’s not weak to admit that life is wearing you down ‘why bother’ ‘what’s the point’ I’d mentioned this weeks ago to my GP but because I sound cheeriy and upbeat, nothing gets done. Well bu££££, it’s not all sweetness and light. Do you know who helps? This forum I phoned my duty doctor yesterday - not my usual one and I just told him how I feel. Antidepressants, take care guys and watch for this F£££ing gorilla in different forms/shapesM

Hi M, it’s true… what would we do without this forum?

I think it takes strength to admit you’re not coping. I also put on a cheery look most of the time… but really sometimes it’s a case of ‘Drowning not waving’!

Are you doing alright today? Hope so hon. Won’t be long before you get your mojo back!

Very dreary and cold outside so I’m having yet another day at home!!! I might develop tranparent skin and pink eyes like creatures who live underground.

Take care hon and sending you lots of love,

Pat xxx

I decided to get my haircut yesterday, retail therapy! Chin up, it’s too short but it will grow Any time there’s too much drowning going on you know where we live and we’ll make it wavingHope everyone has a good weekendM

Wind in my hair and running along a beachDaft bat or is it the sun? Take care folks M

It’s the sun… I hope I don’t jinx it but I think Spring might be here…

Hope you had a good weekend M…

Pat xxx

The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel so the antidepressant must be starting to workTake care everyone, be safe The sun is actually shinningM

A post that has made my day!!!

Well done M…

Have a fabulous weekend darlin’,

Pat x