Vestibular therapy

Hi all Anyone know anything about this ? My MS community nurse has just been and thinks I may benefit from it due to this bloomin vertigo which has been a constant for 9 months now. Xx

Hi, not heard of it…giving it a google to check it out.

luv Pollx

Hi again.

Had a google and see it is something to do with dizziness and balance.

Are you going to try it?

If so, good luck.

luv Pollx

I don’t know Poll. She said that I may not fit the eligibility criteria…she has to check with the centre that do it. But she also said that there is a risk of it making you feel worse. I, personally, don’t see how that is even possible !! She’s going to get in touch after she’s spoken to the centre. Xx


sorry to butt in…

i guess she is talking along the lines of healing crisis by worse before u get better. i have experienced this and several who i have treated (using reiki) also have. easily found in a search for further info-to save me typing!

theres loads of ‘stuff’ out there thats beneficial and free! good luck if u try it-hope it works for u. i tried something else for nausea/dizziness and it worked! can pm you if u r interested?

ellie x


i was looking into this,the specific excercises they give you,can make you worse,before you feel better, thats what put me off, because when my vertigo comes on ,it comes on really bad, leaving me unable to get up out of bed

like you i said was it possible to feel any worse,i do know a few that have had some good results,with the excercises,the idea is it trains the brain, to overcome the vertigo,

google cawthorne cooksey,these are excercises too, and also the ‘epley manouvre’ is used,but think this is when the crystals in the inner ear are out of balance.i think with most of them,you have to expect to feel worse,before you feel benefit,but if they work,i am sure it would be worth it.vertigo is one of my most disabling symptoms,and makes me really depressed.

jaki xx

Hi All I had several sessions of this when they were trying to find out a caus for my ddizziness. It is a series of exercises that you do until you make yourself have the vertigo but it should only last a few seconds. You have to learn the warning signs. I didn’t have much success wit tthis but I was struggling to do everyday due to my job. My ms nurse advised you need to do them everyday for at least 3 months for it to have the benefits. My vertigo is really bad and been experiencing it at least 5 days a week for 5 years. I want to give the exercises a go again once I am able to stand up again unaide. As llong as you are abl to do the eexercises regularly I would recommend it

Hi I did vestibular therapy after a relapse I had June last year and it really helped vertigo/dizziness. I had another relapse in Sept last year, tried again but they have had no effect unfortunately, been stuck with dizziness ever since and it’s blooming awful :(. Give it a try though, it may help you x

Forgot to say they are exercises as barney owl said, ranging from eye movements to head movements etc. and they do make you dizzy! X

Thanks all…I think I’m going to give it a miss…I can’t bear the thought of it making me feel more ill than I already do. I think my vertigo us as a result of where the latest damage is as opposed to crystals in my ear…maybe that’s why my nurse thought that I may not be eligible ?? And yes, please, Ellie…if you’ve got any ideas, please do pm me. Xx

i had bad vertigo a couple of years ago and my neuro and an opthalmologist determined it was a tiny lesion on my sixth nerve, so small you couldnt see it on MRI. I got a low dose course of oral steroids and it cleared up in three days

maybe ask if you can see an opthalmologist to either rule this out or diagnose it

Thanks…I had the steroids when this attack started back in September but they did nothing I’m afraid…the problem lies with where the damage has occurred and my neuro wasn’t hopeful that the vertigo would go away this time. I think, if I don’t give the vestibular therapy a go, if I’m even eligible, I may just have to accept that it’s here to stay. It’s been 9 months now !! Xx

MrsH do you mind if I ask how you manage with the vertigo? Obviously I know it’s a horrible symptom, I’ve had it for ages too, but it’s so debilitating x

Hi Mini I really don’t, is the honest answer !! I eat when I don’t feel sick but don’t when I do but make sure I sip plenty of water. I keep still as much as I can when it’s bad and keep my eyes fixed on a rigid spot…not the window as I found out early on that the Venetian blinds ripple like the sea, up and down !! I can’t wash my own hair anymore as I can’t shut my eyes in the shower and I make use of George (my wheelie) even when my legs are working, which isn’t often, nowadays !! I go up and down stairs on my bum . TBH, even though I’m making light of it a bit, it’s not easy and it is the one symptom that if I had to choose, I would get rid of. But everytime I fall into a woe is me mood, which I do, I read about someone on here who is suffering in a different, worse way and remember them. Xx

Thanks. It’s an awful symptom I hate it. I wish you all the best and hope the rehab works for you if you decide to do it x