Hi there, im new to this site :-). Im having real issues with vertigo. My physio say that the exercises will help but i find there doing nothing and its got a lot worse recently . I cant even walk a short distance without everything spinning and feeling like il fall.

I’ve been suffering this since august and hadn’t really realised just how bad it was until I had a weekend away.

I’m usually at home, or hanging off the back of a supermarket trolley so hadn’t realised I was using it for balance.

I use a walking stick now and my GP has prescribed betahistine which I’m sure has made a big difference although some days are still rough.

Its really tough. Its worse recently and all my ms nurse says is carry on doing physio exercises and see someone for anxiety. Ti do all of that, that doesnt explain why its worse and i feel worse :pensive: iv emailed my consultant, hopefully he gets it. I feel no one understands or listens and if i say something feel worse or new i get told its anxiety, im fed up with that!! Thats what the doctors were telling me because i got diagnosed after optic neuritis! Xx

That makes sense to me. It was my eyes that went (diplopia) and eyes are affected by lesion(s) in the cerebellum - which is also the part of the brain used for balance.

How do you get on in the dark? I can barely walk at all - completely off balance and tend to shuffle because not only can I see nothing but my feet don’t seem to work properly. I’ve been caught out a few times like that so now carry a torch in my handbag.

I spend most of my time feeling like I’m on the deck of a ship in stormy seas! :joy:

I think im ok in dark . I think my consultant said i got a few lessons in that area of the brain. My physiotherapist said that one of my eyes is very slighlty slower than the other but slightly, she thinks its that thats causing my vertigo and is adament the exercises will work eventually, im just not sure . My consultant doesnt eant me taking pills for my vertigo as he says it just covers the vertigo up and wont heal and that it will get better without x