Last June I suffered a really bad bout of vertigo which left me unable to move for days without throwing up. After I refused to take oral steroids I was admitted to hospital for IV. Since then I’ve continued to suffer with ‘after effects’. However it feels like it’s getting bad again and it’s completely throwing my balance. I’ve tried over the counter meds and don’t won’t to bother my nurse (as its not nothing new and I’m due to see her in a few months).

Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Yes… bother the nurse. It’s what she is there for and she will hopefully know what to do. Don’t wait till your next appointment if it’s a few months away, that will be miserable for you. Phone her today.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hello Mrs Puss

You could try physiotherapy for vertigo. A few years ago, I had a great PT who taught me some exercises for vertigo. I still use them because on & off I still get vertigo.

One exercise is: you sit down and hold something (like a pen or I actually use a shoe horn) up at arms length in front of you, preferably in front of a blank surface (I sit on the bed in front of my closed wardrobe door) and either move the object from side to side, keeping your head still, or move your head from side to side, keeping the object still. I move my head as it’s less tiring for my arm! You do this for as long as you can stand it, ie. not until you throw up, keep the time by counting or by timing on eg a phone if you have one that’ll do it. Once you’ve done as much as you can without falling over/feeling too dreadful, rest for a few minutes, then do it again trying to do a little longer the second time. The aim is to reach two minutes, but don’t worry if at first it’s 10 seconds! You should do this exercise several times throughout each day, trying to increase little by little. I was told 5 times a day, but only very rarely have I managed that many repetitions. At first I’m afraid it will make you feel slightly worse, but actually only until you regain your equilibrium. Once you can do two minutes in front of a blank wall, try it in front of something complex, I just open the wardrobe door so there are a load of colours and shapes to further confuse my brain.

There are other exercises for vertigo, try moving your head backwards and forwards slowly, or shrugging your shoulders. If you do a Google search for ‘vertigo exercises’, you will find others.

I’ve found that it takes some commitment to do it, but it works. If you try for a fortnight and get no joy, then of course see your doctor. You could do this in the first place, but a GP is likely to offer you drugs. Of course you may have your own physiotherapist, you could ask them for help too.

Vertigo is dreadful. I hope you get yours under control soon.


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My vertigo is constant, I take Beta-Histine for it. Doesn’t get rid of 100% of it but makes it bearable. There are tablets you can take for an acute case as well (can’t remember the name but you put them between your cheek and gum).

Hope this helps

I was given an exercise whereby I look at a fixed point on the wall and then move just my eyes to the extreme left or right or both, then return to look at the initial point on the wall.

Sounds daft but on occasion when the room appeared to start to spin as I was trying to lie down this exercise helped me.

All the best and good luck.

PS You should contact your MS nurse who will try to help.