Dizziness\light headed

Does anyone have tips for light headedness or being dizzy been going on about 3 months now, Im not on treatment waiting to find out stages ect, thank you


It sounds like vertigo to me. Have a look at

There are quite a lot of exercises you can do to help with vertigo. A physiotherapist would be able to help you with some, but if (as I suspect) you don’t have a physiotherapist, there are a few things you can try.

This is one:

Or: Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) - Ask Doctor Jo - YouTube

It’s worth trying to see if any of the exercises work. Obviously if the vertigo is continuing, you should get it checked out.


Thank you for the reply I thought it was a slight optic neuritis but the neurologist did not think I had it do you think vertigo can give the illusion your vision is off when its not its vertigo? I Will definitly have a look at those exercises, how r u doing ? X

I’ve been told that optic neuritis pretty much always comes with some colour disturbance, things appearing to be faded or different colours.

If you feel lightheaded when you turn your head from side to side, it’s probably vertigo.

I get vertigo from time to time and always do the exercises my physio gave me years ago. Where you hold an object (a pen or something) up in front of you and you slowly turn your head from side to side for as long as you can (I time it with my mobile phone), rest a few minutes (till the room stops spinning) then do it again, trying to last longer before stopping. The aim is to do it 4 or 5 times a day, and try to get to two minutes. By the time I can manage two minutes, often the lightheadedness has gone.

I’ve not had it for a while now, but it’s one of those annoying things that comes back from time to time.

I’m OK, except in a fairly low level crappy way. It’s what you get when you’re a long way down the line with MS. Nothing quite works as it should, but I tend to stay reasonably upbeat regardless. Again, it’s the way you end up being when the alternative is utter depression. So I try for a lot of swearing and letting my annoyance out that way.


Yes its funny u say that the optician and the neurologist didnt seem to see optic neuritis yet my vision feels odd and i swear i see lights flickering but maybe im imaging that but yes defo when i turn head to side im more dizzy, you sound so strong xx