Drunk feeling and feeling disorientated

I’m doing searches for how I feel all the time.A drunk feeling in my head and disorientated when walking. Is there anything I can take to help with this? Or any advice would be grateful

This sounds like the horrible vertigo type feeling. I found some exercises which helped me. I was advised to type Vestibular exercises into Google. There are many varied text and video tools to be found. E.G

Inner Ear Balance Home Exercises to Treat Dizziness (Vestibular Home Exercises) - YouTube

Hope you feel better soon

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Thanks for the advice Mick.I have tried similar exercises with physiotherapy for many months hoping it would help me with my head issues.I wonder if physiotherapy has ever worked for you or anyone?as it would be nice to know it does work as it’s not very comfortable doing the exercises.

I struggled with the vestibular (eye) exercises and some made me feel worse for a while, but I finally found some that eventually helped me feel less “drunk”

I do see a physio once a fortnight, just to help move stubborn limbs which don’t interpret the commands I think my brain is sending. This physio does not fix the problem but I think it reduces the negative impact of things not moving.
Good luck

Ok thanks Mick.I think I might keep going with the exercises for awhile longer in the hope they will improve things!

Thanks for the useful advice

I have this exact thing, and it was my first symptom. I have PPMS and that same drunk feeling has been going on for almost two years now. One thing I will say is that it took me a really long time to realise the involvement of my eyes; it wasn’t until I started getting fully double vision and saw an optometrist that I realised that the ‘drunk’ feeling was in large part related to my vision. My eyes don’t always point in the same direction, and I’ll often have the feeling when I blink or look in a different direction that it takes my eyes a moment to catch up, and my vision kind of ‘slides’ into place. It’s probably not enough to be visible to anyone else and for the most part it’s just a fraction of a second, but it’s plenty enough to make me feel disoriented and, as you say, drunk! Combined with the balance issues and some problems with proprioception, it really does feel just remarkably similar to being half cut lol.

Have you spoken to an optician or eye doctor? I didn’t previously wear glasses but my optician was able to make me some glasses with prism lenses, and it makes a big difference. They take a bit of getting used to, but they stop my eyes wandering around and it helps with feeling more sober and grounded. My neuro physio also suggested that I try putting up some columns of printed letters on my wall, and reading down them alternating between the right and the left, and that this may help with my vision. So, kind of like this:


And then you’d try to read say, left, middle, right. And then the next time maybe you do middle, right, left. The Brain and Spine Foundation has a free booklet on balance problems which goes into some other exercises you can try for dizziness and vision issues, although obviously your best bet is always going to be to speak to your MS team.

I think the bigger issue for me is embarrassment. I already walk like I’m drunk, so the eye rolling, confusion, blurred vision and occasional dribbling probably aren’t helping the neighbours’ opinions of me LOL.