Anxiety due to vertigo - what are everyones coping strategies? How do you calm yourself down?

I’m having a flair up or relapse of vertigo and suffer badly with anxiety with I know makes it worse. I have some vallium which I have taken when things are bad (almost bad enough now) but everyone except those with vertigo keep telling me to avoid it.

What does everyone else do to calm themselves down?

Thanks for your help xx

Hi , i get severe vertigo,its one of my most dreaded symptoms,when mine starts, i just cannot function for it, i find the only thing that helps is rest,and time, there are drugs like stematil you could try,if you are suffering with anxiety,best thing to do is learn how to control your breathing, it does help calm you,you can easily google it.

jaki xx

i found out after many years, that i walk up n down the hall and smoke, i do that for about 10-15 mins then it starts to wear off

Hi! Yep, horrible!! Breathing & talking to myself helps, as in “you can do this!!” Unbelieveably horrible! Does go after a while, keeps coming back though! Was passed to a neurophysiotherapist, but didnt really get any relief. Some of the medication can make other things worse too, so always weigh up the pros & cons. Learnt to live with it I suppose, wish I had some better tips for you, sure someone will!! Take care Tracey xxxx

Thanks for your help x

Some time ago there was a post about some treatment that involved manipulation which ‘cured’ this. Have a google - it was very interesting - just wished l could remember the name of the exercises.

l will have a look and report back.


Just google How to cure vertigo - there are lots of tips. And taking Ginger will also help.

is it the Epley manouvre,its a specific excercise that a neuro pyhsio or dr can do ,and it can ‘cure’ vertigo IF its caused by an imbalance in your inner ear,i read up about it when i was going through a really severe episode of vertigo,but i think mines caused by the lesions on my brain stem.

I had my first attack of vertigo back in November, it was awful every time I lay down the room just wouldn’t stop spinning, I was prescribed stemetil which did help eventually but took weeks, is this connected to ms or Is it inner ear problems and unrelated?


I took Stemitil for virtigo too. Must say it stopped me being sick but have dizziness pretty much all of the time. I have suffered with anxiety since 2007, just before dx. I also have a lot of pain and by chance was given 20 sessions of tai chi by the pain clinic. The breathing exercises help me to sleep. I must say that using the tai chi and having massage and reflexology have both helped with the pain and my anxiety issues. I also take Ciprolam, (an anti depressant), which keeps me level. Reading a good book helps me to escape from the real world and listening to story books is also good.

Wendy x

the vertigo i get is caused by my ms,mines brain stem lesions, i get it when i start a relapse,its one of my worst symptoms, and stops me in my tracks, i cannot stand for months at times.

like some others here I tend to rest ,

I’ve found if I lay down and go through my slow down the breathing routine in my head, (which includes telling myself that I’m making it worse !)

and then I have to have a focal point (in my case I keep a light on in the room through the night ) , sometimes it’s worse when I shut my eyes , well mostly really

then of course there may be other factors which help me , like smoking and prozac

Hi To everybody,

Virtigo ? where do i start.

I was going upstaires and my balance just crashed. Fell to the bottom (one dislocated shoulder not very nice)Did not tell anyone(that was so stupid) Anyway to cut to the chase i spent the next week in hospital. Lost my swallowing reflexes as well. The virtigo was horrible too. What i am trying to say is there is medication that works. If i had not been so stupid i could have saved my self a lot of trouble.