constant vertigo

In my latest relapse i have constant vertigo normally i just suffer while layingflat so i take betahistine which allows me to sleep and lay down without vertigo for the last 9 days the room has been constantly spinning the only thing that helps is cannabis but then im equally useless as a little stoned any advice? Just want this to go away o

I can’t help you with any advice on the vertigo it’s a bummer tho isn’t it I used to only get it while laying or sitting but a few weeks ago I lost consciousness which lead to a week of steroid infusions and unable to walk for a week. Have only been on rebif for 6 weeks but apparently it should help with vertigo. I’m glad you have something to help you sleep through it I’m on amitriptaline to help with neuro head and muscle pains and Baclofen to help relax the muscles both knock me out on a good night. I used to get cannabis for my mum when she was first dx many years ago but now I am dx I’m not sure I would like to go that route I’m spaced out much of the time anyway lol. Hope you can get help from other more knowledgeable members. Get better soon from someone who is currently in relapse too x Michelle.

Hi Anon!

Sorry to read that you’re suffering from Vertigo.

Although it did not play a part in the major relapse that saw me officially diagnosed with RRMS in June 2013, I experienced Vertigo in 1999 and personally, it still rates just as bad- it’s horrendous!

Unfortunately, Betahistine Dihydrochloride works very well for some people, but not always. The same can be said for Prochloperazine Maleate (Buccastem, Stemetil).

Personally, Buccastem worked brilliantly for me and got me back to work.

Don’t suffer unneccessarily. Speak to your GP about trying the alternative.

I hope you start to see an improvement soon. Good luck.