Prochlorperazine for dizziness

Hi, haas anyone been prescribed this? Doc prescribed me some today over the phone cos I have been experiencing some dizziness the last few days he thinks is vertigo. I feel disoriented and weird but not spinning, also feel like eyes spinning round in head (think snake in jungle book). Seems to be the very worst when I tip my head downwards. Not sure if it’s my eyes or ears. Anyhow, I wanted something because. I am self employed and have work tomorrow, so I tried a dose today, and I feel so drowsy and weird, not sure which is worse. Thought at first they were not working but dizziness spinny feeling getting worse now 8 hours later, so they must have. Due to take another tablet tonight, but seriously concerned about my ability to work while taking them. Does the drowsiness go? How long does it take? Any other tips instead? Thanks Leah :slight_smile:

Hi Leah!

I experienced an episode of Vertigo/ Acute Labrynthitis a couple of years ago. The nausea and dizziness that resulted was absolutely horrendous and I hope never to experience it again.

I was prescribed Buccastem ( brand name for Prochlorperazine) by my GP and it worked wonders. In fact, shortly after starting them, I was able to return to work and experienced no problems at all.

Good luck


Hi i was on prochlorperazine for about 7 months they made me so tired so doctor swapped me to betahistine which dont make you tired and i think they work better x

Hi guys thanks for your help - in the end I did not take it again, just couldn’t risk it, but still pretty dizzy today at work. Have left a message for the doctor to call me again just to see if there are any alternatives. Leah :slight_smile: