Last week I was prescribed vesicare for an over active bladder. No doubt some of you have had this drug. Please can you tell me your experience of it, good, bad and indifferent. Thank you.

Slip of the finger should have typed VESICARE.

Tried Vesicare a few years ago for bladder urgency. I stopped it because it worsened constipation and caused a very dry mouth. Didn’t do much for urgency either. Somebody on this forum mentioned good results with Betmiga, a new drug. It’s amazing ! After a week, bladder completely normalised and no side effects ! A real life changer !

Hi, I really didn’t get on with Vesicare. One day I’d be unabe to wee, and the next it would just pour out of me! Heather

My experience with Vesicare was exactly the same as johnh’s.

Sadly, based purely on personal experience, I regard this (…and many other medications) as a total waste of time and money.

I suspect that Vesicare is/has been most effective for many and therefore I usually take the standpoint of “…try it before you can honestly decide whether it works for you”.

All the medications I’ve tried have worked brilliantly for some …they’ve just not worked for me. Maybe I just mentally doom these things to failure before I even try them !!!