Betmiga for overactive bladder

Having read a brief post on this forum mentioning the new bladder drug Betmiga, I decided to try it. I suffer from urgency, which is very inconvenient and stressful. I also have to get up to pee three times, or more, at night. I started this drug last week, and, after four days, it started to take effect. Now, urgency has gone, and only up once at night. No side effects. What a difference ! I’m looking forward to this new freedom. John

brilliant! thanks john for the heads up.

carole x

Hello John.I’m really pleased that you are getting some relief with ‘the old water works’ and thanks for the follow up.I’m wondering if you mean that because the feeling of going to widdle right now has gone,the actual act of widdling has gone as well.

I’m going to t’pharmacy today to pick up my drugs so will ask the apothecary if it is available and if it is I’ll be gracintg the GP with my presence ASAP.I’ve just arranged some Bioderm samples to try again,but a tablet would save a load of swearing trying to fit the extra plumbing.



W B The time between widdle feeling and ‘needing to go’ has extended to several hours. Feel the need to go, and can have about ten minutes warning instead of ten seconds !

i have kentera patches which help but not as well as your meds

Johnh, So pleased for you - about time a new med became available- especially as this one actually works very differently from the old brigade ie oxybutinin/detrusitol - with the awful side-effects. Watch out for any new posts re bladder control - as there is always someone asking for help.

l made a note of it when it was first mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Just another update really re betmiga. Betmiga is the trade name but mirabegron is the tablet. Yvette

Hi John I was really interested to read your thread because I have just been prescribed Betmiga (Mirabegron) by my neuro and am hoping it doesn’t have the same unpleasant side effects that I experienced with Vesicare, Oxybutynin and Toviaz. Can I ask how it’s working for you now and have you had any side effects at all? MTIA.

Hi Susie
Betmiga is still working. I can now ‘last’ three or four hours between pees ! Urgency is not quite perfect and I sometimes feel the urgent need if I try to 'last more than four hours. Up once at night. Used to be four times!
Betmiga is a major life changer.
No side effects at all. It took about five days to really effective. I stopped Vesicare, which I tried three years ago, because of constipation and very dry mouth.

Hope this helps.



Forgot to ask…what dose have you been prescribed? My GP prescribed 25 mg. but normal dose is 50 mg, which I take. I’ll have to ‘come clean’ with my Doc as I’ve used a months supply in two weeks !

Hi John, my prescribed dose atm is 25mg and it’s just been delivered from my chemist. I’ll start taking it tomorrow and am really hopeful this new drug will help my bladder to control itself! I have an appointment to see my urogynecologist consultant on 21st November so I should be able to tell if it’s working by then.

Fingers crossed Susie - l am really hopeful that this new med is going to be the answer for you. lts completely different from the old meds. Not just another version. l have had a SPC for 18yrs. and for years prior to that was given all of the old meds - and the side-effects were horrendous. So thats why l am so interested that there is now a new option. Might even try it myself.