bladder drug

Hello, can someone give the name of a new-ish bladder calming drug please?

I`ve been on vesicare and oxybutynin and had a suprapubic catheter fitted last year. I love the way the spc gives me much less freedom to go out without worrying I need to make a very risky transfer to a loo.

But occassionally I get a pressure feeling in my bladder, it spasms painfully and I wee via the normal route.

Luckily this hasn`t happened when I am out, so I can get sorted fairly easily (athought it is very upsetting).

I also have these spasms when emptying my bowel and urinate into the loo.

Cheers all.

luv POllx

hi polly

i think it is called betmiga.

i’m going to mention it to my bladder nurse.

any port in a storm eh?

carole x

Hi Pilot, I take toviaz 8mg and have received NHS physio acupuncture which has been great

Meant Polly of course, dunno were Pilot came from!

Meant Polly of course, dunno were Pilot came from!

Hey Poll, Yes Betmiga- I’ve started it recently instead of tolteridine. Works same for me. But massive benefit is no more dry mouth. I could spit if I were rude and that way inclined. Might just have a go for the hell of it!!! Hugs Min xx

Thaks. I`ll ask my GP about it now I know the name.

luv Pollx