Botox for bladder.... again!

Evening all!

Spoke to my gp today re my pain full bladder spasms and bypassing my spc. Wet myself again today!! And I wet the bed a couple of nights ago! The spasms are really painful!

I’ve had the spc 3 years and it works really well most of the time. Then it goes through stages of playing up. I reckon I’ve persevered long enough before deciding something else is needed.

GP and I discussed the various bladder calming drugs I’ve tried ie vesicare, oxybutynin, betmiga and tolterodine. They all worked well for a while. I put up with a very dry mouth and sore throat with the oxybutynin for a long time.

When I changed to betmiga, I thought it was a miracle! But now nothing helps very much.

So gp asked if I had thought of botox. Well I did, but disregarded it after my hubby pleaded with me not to go for it incase it poisoned me. That was some months ago.

Well what a lovely surprise when gp then said she was happy to refer me back to my urologist…and actually looked at an appointment list and offered me 1st September. Great service or what??

I know not to expect it to work 100%, as it doesn’t for everyone. Our poor friend Sue is still no better for it after a month or so!

Watch this space. Got a special family day out tomorrow, so I’ll pad up!!

Love Pollx

love the phrase “padding up”.

i have to pad up when i go out boozing.

after all there’s only so much betmiga can cope with!

have a great day out tomorrow

carole x

Actually Poll, I was thinking, the Botox hasn’t helped with my spasms, and it’s been 5 weeks now, so I’m thinking it might be great for overactive bladder, with incontinence, but not so great for spasms. So I was telling you that it isn’t working for my spasms so it won’t work for yours, but I think I was wrong.

I had a conversation with a urology nurse the other day and she didn’t have all my notes so wasn’t exactly sure what I’d had (why on earth she phoned to see how I was getting on with no info about me or what I’d had!), so was asking questions about strength and number of Botox injections. I knew how many injections I’d had but nothing else .

She told me that Botox starts life as a living organism, therefore the strength of each individual batch can’t be exactly calibrated as with something that’s been chemically created, where they can be absolutely confident as to strength.

So, what this all boils down to is that one year Botox might do exactly what you want it to do, and the next year it won’t. Also, you need to question your urologist with regard to the number of injections and the strength of those injections (I think, the nurse wasn’t quite so convincing about different strengths as such or I might not have understood her exactly).

In addition to this, neurogenic bladder, just like MS (of course yours isn’t MS, but it’s still neurogenic bladder), will do what ever the hell it likes. So as you speak to your urologist, you just need to be very clear about what he/she thinks about your very specific problems in relation to Botox. Oh yeah and be aware that it won’t necessarily do exactly what you want it to.

Just like life hmmm? Or life with MS/HSP?

Sue xx

Thanks Carole and Sue