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Most folks who follow my story will know that I have had an spc for 3 years and take betmiga to calm my bladder, as it does spasm and cause me to by pass sometimes.

So, when I was put on betmiga I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread…not that sliced bread has anything to do with the price of fish when it comes to misbehaving bladders.

Right, I get bladder spasms which have become more painful, so I was prescribed tolterdine for extra calming.

This past week my bladder almost constantly feels as if it is going to by pass. So I began taking the tolterodine daily and boy! does it cause a dry mouth, like my previous oxybutynin did.

What I`m doing now is asking you what you use to calm a bladder…does it stop the spasms…does it cause dry mouth…

look forward to your replies and hoping for a miracle…but I wont hold my breath for that last bit!

ta chucks!


Hi Poll

Obviously I don’t know the answer, because I’ve been having similarish problems. But I’d appreciate knowing what drugs etc other people take.

I’m also wondering whether bladder botox would help what with you having an SPC?? I wonder whether anyone else has experience?


thanks Sue…cant understand why i have no other replies

surely not everyone has got their naughty bladders under control. I thought I had…but…


hiya poll

i saw ur post but didnt think i could help you meds because…

i have been doubly incontinent for 8 ish years now. the bowel i can guesstimate quite well-sometimes i get it wrong but hey ho thats life.

re bladder-i saw when i was nursing the frequent complications of catheters. the main thing that put me off is that they are another entrance for infections so early on i decided on pads with option to review later. i have had various tests to assess bladder-most recently 3 months ago. neuro did suggest suprapubic but i am still reluctant. i still believe that the pee is better out than in! yes this means i cant leave the house with less than 5 pads but i still think its right for me.

pee doesnt smell til it hits the air-my main concern was that i would smell but if i keep my knickers on then i dont! its hard to get your head round-its not natural to be incontinent after all but…

this ms malarkey is hard enough to deal with without it taking my ability to leave the house too (albeit it on a powerchair with a large bag full of wipes, pads, change of clothes and sturdy cutlery!)

hey there is no right and wrong! i feel that if u take one medicine for something it often gives you more/bigger issues than the original one!

take care, ellie x

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over the years, I’ve used detrusitol, oxybutlyin, and probably some others that I’ve forgotten about. All were good to begin with, but over time their effectiveness wore off. More recently was on solifenacin. Again quite effective. The continence advisor wanted me to come off solifenacin for a couple of weeks to monitor any change in frequency and urgency. The main effect of stopping was that I had no constipation for two week and if pooping was an Olympic sport, I reckon I would now have a chance of making Team GB. I was still getting frequency and urgency issues, so a few weeks ago started detrunorm which was great to begin with, then gave me hideous constipation, so I stopped taking it. I’m hopefully seeing the continence adviser next week. She has mentioned that mirabegron might be the next one to try. I don’t self catheterise.


I think you might have tried most of the drugs other people have been on and that’s why you’re not getting much help. I was on Vesicare, which didn’t help much. I was on Regurin for years - it was not brilliant. I have recently changed to Betmiga, which was the best of the three for me.


forgot to say that in 10 years i have had 2 urine infections…

hope you get sorted

ellie x

Thanks everyone.

My bladder has been a lot calmer today. I took both betmiga and tolterodine this morning

Tomorrow is catheter change day. I have it changed every 4weeks. I will discuss things with the nurse.