I’ve just started taking Tolterodine, I’m trying to switch from Oxybutynin because of the potential harmful effects on cognition. (See Multiple Sclerosis Research for the reason)

But I’ve been having bladder spasms all day and feel like it’s had the opposite effect, i.e. making the problem worse instead of better.

Does anyone take Tolterodine? I have an SPC so I don’t know if that makes a difference?

How long would it normally take to start working? I.e. is this common for the first few days but then maybe it’ll do its job properly?

I can’t take Betmiga or Vesicare because of side effects.

If this is unusual for Tolterodine, then maybe it’s not for me and I’ll have to go back to Poxybutinin.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for good drugs to calm down bladder spasms? Cos this is horrible, I’ve actually got slight urethral bypassing, which for me is pretty unusual, the reason for the SPC was that I couldn’t pass urine through the urethra and I was starting to get urethritis through ISC.

Thanks for any tips anyone can offer.


Looks like this is a hard query because you seem to have tried the obvious medications. Personally I am not one for giving much credence to complementary treatments but perhaps there is not much else to consider. What do you think Sue?