Hi all

Is any one else on tolterodine?I am and I find it really adds to my daily fatigue level.

It does work well but does anyone know of anything else that’s as good.


B x

I’ve been taking it for a few years now. It works well. I’ve tried Oxybutinin (worked very well – side effects were too much for me). I’ve also tried Detrusitol (stopped working for me after a few months). I find with any new medication now I have to push through the side-effects for about a week :frowning:

Betmiga? I think this one is the newest kid on the block. I’ve been having it since last summer. It was prescribed by a consultant urologist that I saw - before I was dxd. Before that I was on Vesicare which had side effects. It does help a bit - better than the Vesicare and without the side effects.

I am also a patient at a wonderful LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) clinic - again from before my dx. The wonderful Prof there mentioned ‘mmm…MS bladder - more prone to infections’.


Thanks guys :relaxed:

Will talk to doc about betmiga.I am also on tysabri and already had bladder infection.great!

Thought extra fatigue was the ty but have feeling it could be tolterodine.

Take care


The infection might be causing the fatigue. My elderly mother is also a patient at the same clinic - which is how I knew about it. I’ve been in all her appointments. She is a very difficult case infection-wise and has had all sorts from them. But I have learnt a lot about urine infections just from sitting in!



Solefenacin (marketed as Vesicare) works well for me.

There are lots of things to try. Who prescribes for you, GP, MS nurse or Continence Clinic? If you’ve not been referred to the Continence Clinic I’d ask to be, they have more experience of sorting these things out.

Good Luck!

Anne x

Hi, I was just given tolterodine yesterday, to add to my 50mg daily betmiga.

i am supposed to take it when i feel a kind of presure in my bladder, as if i am going to bypass my spc.

took 1 this am as i had that feeling.i dont intend to use it that often, if i can help it.

i think betmiga are fab, with no side effects like oxybutynin.


Thanks for all replies.:relaxed:

Did see a bladder nurse at beginning and doc prescribed tolterodine after had bladderscan to make sure fully emptying.

I have a really good g.p who will be happy to change treatment no prob.anything to feel more awake!

Lou,haven’t got infection was at beginning of tysabri which I have been on just over a year.this Xmas was my 15 year anniversary of my first m.s attack.

Unfortunately I am the opposite of how most people feel when they’ve had tysabri. I occasionally get energy a few days before treatment which makes me so not want to have it.!

Seeing neuro soon as possibility have had a couple of relapses since last time I saw him.

But we will see