I have been given oxybutynin by my GP for over active bladder but don’t feel I am getting any benefit from it. The continence nurse suggested I try tolterodine but GP put me on oxybutynin instead. At present I am on 5mg 3 times per day how does this dose compare with others on same treatment? Would I be better off on tolterodine will it benefit me more or are both medication liki for like?

i read something on here about betmiga for overactive bladder.

i intend to ask for it myself.

at the moment i have patches (forgotten name) and they work well but i just cant get the sticky mess off.

carole x

kentera patches - ain’t it strange how once i give up trying to remember a lost word i find it again!

I hadn’t heard of either of the medocations you mention. I’m on solifenacin, once per day (I take it in the evening). The only side effect I’ve had is dry mouth and that seems to be improving slightly.

I think it’s a case if try it and see how you go: the doctors can decide which medications are suitable for us, bearing in mind our other symptoms and other medications, but only we, the people taking them, can decide if they work and if any side effects are tolerable.

Good luck with finding something that works.