Oxybutynin side effects / not working

Hi all

I’ve recently been put in a course of Oxybutynin for urinary urgency/frequency.

Two things - it doesn’t seem to be helping and I still need to go all the time/have accidents, and I have a horrifically dry/sore throat, dry mouth and dry nasal passages.

Has anybody else had trouble like this with this medication?

It woke me up in the night (as well as being woken up by needing to go for a wee!) because my throat was so sore.

Honestly, I’d rather keep on wearing the pads and not be taking the medication, even if it did work…


There are lots of meds to try other than Oxybutynin

I didn’t get on with it either and ended up on Solifenacin, which works for me.

I would go back to whoever prescribed the Oxybutynin and explain the problems you are experiencing.

I have to say Solifenacin still gives me a dry throat though not as bad as you are describing.

Good Luck

Anne x

Thank you, AnnieB.

yes, I’ll go back to the GP and ask for something else. I’m not normally a wuss about a certain level of side effects, but since it doesn’t seem to be helping with the problem, it’s a pain (literally!).

I think I have tried them all. The latest one, Toviaz 8MG, 1 tablet a day, seems to be the most appropriate. Still have issues, but is caused by my desire for coffee (wonderful Senseo!) and the odd glas of Sauvignon Blanc in the evening… long live the underwear with built in pads…

BTW, was on a list for surgical treatment at some point which I felt would be too ‘invasive’ just yet…

Good luck, the subjects those MS’ers talk about eh…:slight_smile:

Hi Monkeygirl.

It might be worth asking to be referred to the continence clinic, if there is one locally for you. They will have more knowledge/expertise than your GP.


Hi, I am still using oxy and really shouldnt be, as I have a suprapubic catheter. But I take it to reduce bladder spasms.

I also causes me a dry sore throat. There is a new-ish med for bladder beginning with a B…I heard it doesnt cause nasty side effects.

I`l google iit and get back to you…


Betmiga - - is the one that Poll is thinking of. lts a fairly new med that does not have the awful side effects of oxybutinin -[ which has been around a long time - l was prescribed it by a urologist - about 28yrs ago. l found the side-effects worse then wetting myself!! So l told the urologist that he should try taking it himself before he ever prescribed it to a patient. Have had a SPC for 19yrs - and most of the time - it works perfectly. Never want to go back to pads etc.

Nah,forget it hun…just read it`s possible side effects…not nice!

Best ask your continence nurse.

luv Polx

Ooo, never heard of oxy causin that hun…what dose were you on?


Nobody likes oxybutin because of those reasons, I’ve found tat Trospium Cloride works the best

I’ve been on Trospium Cloride 10 years now n I haven’t found any other tat works better