Oxybutynin side effects


My gp has prescribed me oxybutynin for (suspected but likely) ms related overactive bladder (along with lots of tests which have ruled lots out and a referral to urology). I’ve been taking it for a week and I can say it’s definitely starting to work, in that sense I am feeling much better. But the side effects are awful! Dry throat, hoarse voice, headache, so so tired all day…
Is it worth persevering with this medication? As I say I’ve only been taking it for a week and it is working. Does anyone have any experience with this drug and do these side effects settle down? I’m willing to persevere for the full month it’s supposed to take for the full benefit, but I can’t deal with these side effects forever.
Hoping someone has good news and says this will settle :crossed_fingers:

Thanks in advance

I recommend doing a search on the main part of this MS Soc site about MS bladder and drugs. You will find that there are alternatives to the old-style drugs that can be prescribed as a more expensive option if side-effects are troublesome.

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Thank you, I had read that before seeing the GP and they also said there are alternatives but to see how I get on with this first.
I suppose my question is more how long should I give it before assuming the side effects won’t settle down? Does anyone have any experience of the side effects with oxybutynin settling or going away altogether?
If they are going to settle then I’d be willing to remain since they supposedly all cause dry mouth.

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In your shoes, I would be inclined to switch sooner rather than later. Apart from anything else, there’s a little bit of a cloud hanging over that class of drugs in terms of their impact on cognitive function, and our cognitive function doesn’t need any more challenges. Here’s a link to Prof Giovannoni’s view on the matter.

Hi @alison100
Just wanted to say thanks for pointing me in this direction. I’ve spoken to my gp this morning and they are switching me to Trospium (which the MS Trust website suggests as well). Fingers crossed for no nasty side effects this time :crossed_fingers:

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