Bladder issue!

Hi everyone, Ages since I visited, for many reasons, apologies! Could anyone offer their experiences of taking Oxybutynin please? Just been prescribed it for continuous visits to the loo and I’ve read various side effects which don’t seem appealing! Anything that will boost my confidence in this medication will be gratefully accepted! Huge thanks and keep well and cool! Dawn xx

Hi, I was on that drug, prior to having my spc fitted. It is a good drug, but the only side effect I had was quite a heavy one…dry throat and mouth. I drank water all day long and nights too!

Drinking lots of water is good for you anyway, so drink away!


Thanks Poll, comment taken on board! Humidity not doing me any favours so drinking loads of water anyway, hence more trips to the loo , Hope life’s treating you as well as poss? I continue to be uplifted by your humorous tales! Much love, Dawn xxx