spc spasms

Hi guys!

Another question about personal ablutions!

When going for a poo, I now get spasms in my bladder and flue (my word for lady bits). They are truly horrid! It feels like I am being pulled inside out…yeh, as wincing as that! At the same time, my hands get a strange and uncomfortable pressure feeling, which goes as I empty.

I already take 20mg oxybutynin to ease a spasming bladder, baclofen doesnt work on the bladder, so no use upping my dose of that.

When I had the spc op, the surgeon told me they take months to settle down and if bladder spasms were a problem, we could talk botox. I see him in November.

Anyone else get this?


lts the bladder constantly spasming that caused my incontinence. Quite different from stress incontinance - where laughing and coughing sneezing - jumping running [l wish] caused ‘leakage’. The bladder is one large muscle - and when it spasms it is downright painful. And as Poll says - it hurts in the lady bits as well. l also get awful cramping pain in the butt as well.

Even with a SPC - if l get a bad cough it can cause damp drawers. This is the difference between ‘urge’ and ‘stress’ incontinance. l never got on with oxybutinin - couldn’t stand the dry mouth - it use to make me gag when l wanted to talk. Tried Detrusitol - and that was nearly as bad. l know there are other meds - vesicaire for one. lt seems when you try to cure one symptom you get five more.

LDN certainly helps me - and the Sativex spray.

Has anyone had success with any other med? l can remember telling my urologist - that before he prescribed oxybutinin to any patient - he should try taking it himself. [ But the poor fellow died suddenly from a heart attack before he was 50 - more to do with his serial divorce habit - married three times -divorced twice and ‘cheating’ again with yet another nurse - he took playing doctors and nurses a bit too far].

Be interesting to see how Botox will help. At least with a SPC in place you would not need to self-cath - which is what

you need to do with botox injected bladder. Poll your ‘condition’ certainly ties in with MS. Perhaps all auto-immune diseases have similar/same symptoms.

These are all ‘personal’ problems - and so many of us suffer with them. But we all think it is happening to only ourselves.

At least we can air our problems on here - knowing that we are understood. And hopefully, our problems will help others cope with theirs.

Hi Frances, no my bladder isnt spasaming all the time. It can happen when i`m being dressed or turned.

And I dont wet my drawers when I cough, sneeze or laff.used to…a helluva lot! Surprised at that!

Yeh, HSP and MS share a lot of common symptoms…both neuro conditions.

Been told its the fault of the long fibres`, which are in the abdomen, which fall away in nerve signals…oh this is far too techy for me!

I have tried vesicare…but not since spc. I see surgery nurse for meds review on Friday, so I`ll mention it then.