weaning off oxybutynin


My urologist agreed with my suggestion to try to wean myself off oxybutynin.

I thought I would like to do this, due to my liver test coming back a tad too high. It is a possibility that all the meds, over the last 13 years, are to blame for that.

So I cut the oxy down by half. I was on the max dose of 20mg a day. Now I am on 10mg and will soon be off it altogether.

I think I am already benefitting from a less dry mouth.

The oxy was for my over active bladder. Now that I have my spc, my bladder doesnt get irritable…except for sometimes when going for a no.2. when it spasms.

My next target for weaning is baclofen.

Anyone else have experience of weaning…good or bad!

luv Pollx

Well done Poll,

Those two meds made me so ill - we have enough to put up with without all the side-effects from prescribed drugs.

l should think you could lower gradually over a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed you will be a ‘new’ woman.

Hi Frances. Thanks for your continued support hun.

I have found my mouth is much more comfortable today. The wetness is pleasant and my lips dont stick to my teeth when i talk now…it was never an attractive look!!!

I have googled liver stuff and have read that baclofen can cause raised levels. So I will be looking to wean that one too.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Hope this helps you, always best to wean off slowly though.

Hope you coped with the awful wind and rain up north, it was quite intense down here, thankfully we were lucky wenhad no damage.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Pam, thanks for your reply.

Our bit of Yorkshire didnt suffer anything with the storm. We have had lots of rain, but nowt us hardy lasses cant handle!

We thought the south had fared worse than us!

luv Pollx