medication weaning

Hi all.

The meds weaning is going well so far.

i`m now off oxybutynin…I was on 20mg daily for quite a few years. I weaned down gradually, with the help of my urologist and GP.

It is so amazing how my saliva has returned. I can now hold conversations without reaching for my water bottle every 5 mins…it was also amazing that I didnt have an accident during my scan last week.

Ive also stopped the quinine. GP advised I cut it out in one go, once id stopped the oxy.

No return of restlesslegs either.

So all good so far.

GP said we can talk about weaning off baclofen soon.


Hi Poll Sounds like the weaning is going well! I’m doing the opposite as I start on baclofen, very slowly this time after my experience of it years ago!! love Linda x

What dosage are you on Linda? I am actually on the least I`ve ever been on…30mg…the highest was 70mg and I do believe it was the cause of many falls, which saw me into a wheelie early on.

Good luck hinny!

luv Pollx

I am working towards 30mg a day increasing it very slowly though! I’m on 10 mg at moment then 15 then 20 etc til I reach 30 mg. Last time I was on it I lost all strength in my legs so I’m taking it a bit slower this time, see what happens… luv Linda x