seeing GP tomorrow

Allo mateys!

Tomorrow I am seeing my GP. Havent seen` her for a couple of years, as I usually have telephone appointments with her.

She wants to see me about my liver tests. There is some concern about certain levels, which i dont understand.

ive googled it a bit, but not knowing what Im reading, I decided to leave it.

But I have been thinking about the possibility of weaning off some of my many drugs…namely baclofen, quinine and oxybutynin.

In fact, my urologist advised me to try to wean off oxybutynin. I have already got it down by half and have had no problems. In fact, it is amazing how much better by dry mouth is now.

Baclofen… …I was recently told, by a reliable source, that only 1% baclofen tablets goes to where it should. So where the chuff is the other 99% going?

If this is true, then could it be a reason for my abnormal liver tests?

I know I cant guess at such things. So ill be talking to doc about it tomorrow.

i`ll let you know what occurs.

luv Pollx

Good luck at the appointment Poll! x

Lets hope the liver test problems are just down to your meds and can be easily sorted.

Take care


Oh Polly, that’s rubbish :frowning: they do have a habit of just making it all so murky… I hope they can come up with a reasonable answer and a simple solution for ya.

Good luck, I hope things get sorted out nice and quickly for you (and in the meantime, try not to stress!)

Sonia x

Hi Polly

I have had problems with liver tests lately and have had to have several before levels have become normal, I was speaking with a friend with MS the other day and he is having problems too. Have you started on any new drugs lately, as my doc felt it was Gabapentin that was causing the trouble, what ever it was my body has become used to it now, poor old bodies have to put up with so many chemicals.

Wendy x

Ta for your replies.

Wendy, no the only new drug is pregabalin, which I started after the first liver test.

Been on everything else a long

amitriptyline…for nerve pain

baclofen…for spasms and spasticity…

quinine…for restless legs

atorvastatin…for cholesterol

candesarten…for BP

diltiazem…for BP

laxido…for bowels

I`d like to come off, if can, oxy, quinine and baclofen

luv Pollx

Hope it goes well tomorrow Poll.

Look forward to hearing about it. Good news I hope.

Shazzie xx

Hi Polly

What I meant to say was it’s strange that I keep hearing of people having problems with liver tests, do be careful with coming off of Baclofen. I tried to reduce my dose a little while ago and ended up in an awful state, better to ask doctor for advice I think.

Good luck with your trip to the docs anyway,

Wendy x

Hi poll I had elevated liver enzymes after blood tests, earlier this year…a process of deduction after talking it through with my consultant, it turned out to be a combination of an antibiotic I had been taking, paracetamol and coca cola !! Of all the bizarre things !! The antibiotic ran it’s course, I stopped taking paracetamol and drinking coke and after a month the level had come back down !! Xx

Good luck tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

Hope it all goes well. Remember to take a notebook - I can never remember everything they say! xx

Hi Poll, Hoping all gas gone well with your GP appointment and you have had good reports on the liver test. Try not to worry, we’re all rooting for you. Lots of love, Dawn. xx

Afternoon guys!

Well the doc appointment went very well.

My carer went with me and said afterwards, how thorough she thought my GP is. She said she wished her GP was as interested and on the ball.

So we talked liver tests;

she`d asked for several tests to be done, I cant tell you exactly what words she used…medi speak, but it went something like this;

in the Oct 4th test, the level was 45, the following test level was 65 and last week`s level is borderline. The number to be at an acceptable level is 40. So it seems it was a fluke when it went high. There was no indication of why and how it happened.

She also told me my diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol and BP tests are all fine. She does want another liver test done in 6 weeks.

I told her I am having an abdomen and pelvic ultrasound on Friday. She asked how I am doing on the pregabalin and I said I am taking 125mg (50mg am and 75mg pm). She had said we should be aiming at 150mg, but I told her I feel a bit woozy some mornings, so didnt want to take 150mg, she was happy with that.

I told her that the heel pain is about 90% less (which is why I was put on it by the last neuro)and I am happy with that.

Then she asked me about the terrible pain I was having ever since the spc operation, which at times, kept me bedbound and in great pain. I even had a GP home visit, as it worried me so much. But he couldn`t decipher was what causing it.

When I saw the uro a couple of weeks ago, I told him about it and he mentioned gall bladder…then he ordered the scan.

I told my GP I wondered if it was nerve pain, perhaps caused by the op. She said if it is nerve pain, that wouldn`t show on the scan.

Then we talked about my wish to wean off some of my meds. I told her I had already cut the oxybutynin down by half and now have a much less dry mouth. Infact during the whole consultation, which was a lengthy one, I didnt need my water bottle at all! I will be dropping the last 10mg after my scan.

I asked about coming off quinine. I asked if I should go down to 200mg from 300mg, as I no longer have restless legs. She said that was a good idea to come off it altogether, as it can have side effects which affect the heart!!! There you go Tina, you said something on those grounds when you recently went on quinine, and it`s use alongside amitriptyline eh?

We will discuss weaning off balcofen in a couple of months. She was in agreement to look at the possibility.So there you go guys, a pretty good appointment I reckon! luv Poll.xx

You have had a very good gp appointment Poll…good news about your blood test. I too have a lovely gp Poll…it makes a big difference doesn’t it, when you have a lot of health problems. It will be a relief for you to stop taking medication you don’t need anymore. All the best to you

Sounds like a good appointment Poll.

Glad it went well.

Your GP sounds great.


Yeyyy!! I’ve been thinking of you.

About time you had a bit of good news hun.

I’m pleased.

Shazzie xx

That is good news, got slightly diverted by wedding talk :wink:

I’ll be intereted to hear about the Baclofen, I changed my dosage (times/amount) in line with my neuro’s advice and it’s gone really wrong… walking peg-legged until they randomly give up on me (argh!)

Your GP sounds like a good one anyay and you get a follow-up :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Poll, I’m glad it has gone well! I agree your doc does sound very thorough, and very nice. Just to correct a small misunderstanding re the quinine, before anyone starts panicking - there is no adverse interaction (that I know of) between quinine and amitriptyline - it was the other ‘A’, amantadine, that I could not have if I was already on quinine. I’m not sure quite what the combination might do - only that it’s not recommended. Quinine does carry a small risk of heart arrhythmias - with or without other drugs. Although my doc did caution me about it, she didn’t seem worried, and treated it as a formality, as she said she has prescribed it quite frequently over the years, and never had a case where it happened. As we were discussing the other day, every drug has a risk of something. My foot pain does seem to have been a lot better since starting it, so it seems I must either accept the ‘small’ risk, or go back to the painful feet - which were not easy to live with. So for the moment, I’m accepting the risk. Unfortunately, although it’s not been shown to be related to length of use, the heart thing can crop up any time with quinine. So although the hundredth pill isn’t any riskier than the first, if that makes sense, there have been 99 extra chances for it to happen. I was hoping it would be one of those things that would either happen quite quickly after starting, or not at all, so you’d know pretty soon if it was safe. But apparently, it is quite random, so no matter how long you’ve been taking it without incident, the possibility remains. Not a very nice thought, but I don’t want the foot pain back, so what choice is there? Nothing addressed it until I tried quinine. Unlike you, I’m not on the max dose, though - I only take the 200s, which allows me still to have the occasional G&T without breaching safe limits. :wink: T. xx

Removal of Amantadine from the body may be decreased when taken with quinine. Increases the risk of confusion/dizziness if taken together…there endeth the lesson Lol

Sounds like your appointment went well, so that’s good. Cheryl:-)

Pleased to hear your appointment went well. It’s so nice when you’re listened to properly by the medical profession. Makes a change too judging by some of the stories on here. Take care. xx