Drugs for over active bladder

I’ll try not to go on too long. I have an over active bladder, but it doesn’t empty fully.

I was prescribed solefenacin last year. It helped a bit with frequency, but not as much as I’d hoped. I resisted self catheterising, but I’ve been doing that successfully for about three months. It hasn’t solved the urgency problems though.

my GP suggested doubling the dose of solefenacin or some if you may know it as vesicare, but it hasn’t helped, and has given me a dry mouth and I’m a tad constipated. That I could deal with if it solved the bladder problem. Anyway now he’s told me to gradually reduce the solefenacin this week then next week start on Tolterdine tartrate aka Preblacon XL.

Just wondered if any of you have any advice or experience of Tolterdine, or of weaning yourself off solefenacin, like does it make matters worse?

Hello Flowerpot,

I have suffered with urge incontinence for some years. I was prescribed tolterodine initially and it seemed to work to some extent, but I suffered a constant dry mouth.

After a few months I discussed alternatives with my continence nurse practitioner and she prescribed Darifencin (Emselex). I take 7.5mgs daily and the drug is released slowly throughout the day. It is not a perfect solution, and I do suffer the odd accident, but there is no dry mouth side effect.

It increases the duration between the need to go the toilet but when I do need to go I have to go immediately!

I hope this is of some help but I am not a Doctor or a health practitioner.

By the way, this is my first entry on any forum.

Best wishes

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Tried them both. Dont recall much of a ‘rebound’, with things becoming markedly worse on discontinuation than they were prior to using. Betmiga might help you; it works in a different way - basically it relaxes the bladder wall so that it stretches to hold substantially more urine before reaching a pressure that will trigger emptying spasms.

Flipping bladder. I keep testing my wee (in case of UTI) cos I’m wanting to go all the time, but with me I’m pretty sure it’s caused by bladder spasms!

I can’t help with the drug thing, but I definitely find that if I’m constipated my bladder is much more active. It’s like if the bowel is pressing on the bladder I can’t stop weeing. I don’t know if it might help just changing bladder drugs to one that doesn’t give you constipation problems, or if a change of routine / diet etc might ease the bladder a bit.


Thank you. I’ve made a note of the other drugs you all mention. I too have suffered urge incontinence for some years now, in addition my bladder doesn’t empty fully. The solefenacin helped a bit at first with frequency (up to 16 times a day) but I was still dealing with soggy pads and damp knickers. (I never imagined discussing bodily functions like this with anyone!) so I bit the bullet and learned to self catheterise. The continence nurse said it might also help with the urgency. However it hasn’t, but I need to “go” a lot less often, but I just can’t wait, and I can’t move quickly which is an additional problem, so I still have to deal with soggy pads and damp knickers, just not quite so often. It’s manageable at home, but rather more problematic when I’m out, particularly in someone else’s home for any length of time. I’m sure I don’t need to explain having to “go” armed with pads, and catheters to someone else’s bathroom, where there may or may not be a bin for disposal of same.

I said at first I would try not to go on too long, but I have - Sorry! xx

Betmiga is the latest of bladder meds - without the side-effects of the others. So worth asking your GP if you can try it. Being constipated does cause pressure on the bladder - so best try to avoid this.

LDN has a good effect on bladder control - and so does Biotin. Posts on PPMS forum will show you. To keep bladder healthy and less likely to get uti’s try making a drink out of Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon 1 teaspoon of honey and hot or cold water. lt corrects the ‘ph’ in the urine - and kills the bad bacteria but not the good guys. Do this twice a day.

Hope this helps.

Oxybutin and vesicare caused dry mouth and didnt stop spasms.

Betmiga is much better, with no side effects at all. I use totlerodine as an extra if I feel uncomfortable and likely to by pass. Just lately I managed to think a couple of probable by passes off. But it takes every fibre of m being to beat it.


Oh, what a pain.

Hope you’ve all got RADAR keys for disabled toilets, invaluable when you just HAVE to go.

I’m on solifenacin, seems to work ok for me.

Jen x

Hi again.

Have a gander at my new post today…neuro appointment. see if it is any help to you.

luv Polx

Thanks Poll. Started Tolterdine today. I await developments. I’m remaining optimistic with fingers crossed (and legs too if I could only cross 'em!) that it’ll suppress the sudden urges. We’re off on holiday in a couple of weeks. I’d like it if I don’t need to use half my luggage allowance on pads and catheters! At least the catheters don’t take up much room, but the same can’t be said of the pads!

Hope it helps hun and that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about accidents.

Yes, my kit takes up a lot of luggage space…plus wheelchair charger etc.

luv Polxx

Me too! Likewise wheelchair and crutches. I’m hiring a mobility scooter though. Saves the better half pushing me everywhere.


Are you still able to transfer yourself? I use a hoist, so my scooter days are over. had a fab one for 12 yeas and loved it.

luv pollx

Yes Poll, I can still transfer. I get about at home on crutches, very slowly. I’ve got dropped left foot and I can no longer lift my leg from the hip so walking is hard. I can’t get out of low seats and need chair arms to lever myself up. Just as I get used to how bad I am and adapt to it, I get a bit worse. I keep hoping it might slow down or stop. I feel well though, and don’t have any pain fortunately, and my husband has taken on the role of carer with good humour and without complaint. xx

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When l got that walking with a stick became impossible - and also crutches - l was advised to get a rollator. And Patrick - who has a site call recommended a Topro Olympus. Had it now for some years - and it is wonderful. lt has a large bag for carrying so many things - and a seat with a back support that is just the right height for me to sit down and more importantly get up again. l take it everywhere with me - and l always know l have my own seat. No sitting down on chairs that are too difficult to get out of. l know that l would be in a wheelchair fulltime if l had not progressed to the Topro. l can get outside - carry the laundry basket and even hang out the washing. A round plastic basket sits nicely on the seat part. And l can carry a watering can in the basket and get down the garden. Pick beans/raspberries/courgettes - feed the hens. All things l had given up doing - as too dangerous.

l keep my mobile phone in the basket - and indoors l can also have a book/remote for tv etc. at hand. The seat part allows me to carry plates/dishes etc so l can cook and serve dinner - and importantly means when on my own l can manage to look after myself.

l do have a stair-lift - and l have yet another rollator at the top of the stairs to ‘swop’ to to get me to my bedroom.

l have found l can even have a go at dancing - holding on to my rollator - when at parties and do’s. And when once we danced around our handbags - l now find all my friends put their bags in my rollator and dance around it. Often l find one of my friends also holding onto it - mainly because they have imbibed too much wine!!!

l went from being quite embarrassed about having to use it - now l can stand up straight and proud with it. And it gets me to the loo in record time. l too have severe foot-drop. And recently got assessed for a FES. - Which after trial and error has been successful. This is through the good old NHS. Too see your foot lifting up and down - whereas l had no movement at all before is quite eerie. l sit with it on exercise mode for a few minutes so that l know that l have the pads in the right place. But it helping my balance and walking. l have had PPMS for 33yrs.

For getting about outdoors with my dogs - l use a Tramper scooter -

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Frances aka Spacejacket, is a mine of useful information…always passed on so thoughtfully. She is a good egg…a damned great one! She knows y`know!