Over active bladder

Just wondering what treatment people are on for over active bladder? I am currently on tolterodine but feel like it is no longer working.

i’m getting betmiga prescribed by my bladder nurse when i see her in february.

looking forward to a full night’s sleep!

carole x

I have a continence nurse and I am not on any medication but I self catheterisation which I get on really well with. Also a friend of mine has spms and has Botox injections in her bladder. Done in hospital.

Polly x


My continence nurse recommended Emselex (Darifenacin) after I had tried Tolterodine. Tolterodine gave me a perpetually dry mouth.

Emselex is a slow release drug which I take in the morning. I have urge incontinence and it does help to suppress the urge, but when the urge surfaces I have to find a toilet pretty sharpish. Going out is always an issue as there is the constant anxiety over toilets. I have been in touch with Coloplast and I am going to trial a sheath and urine bag.

Oddly enough the number of times I get up during the night has improved. I set the alarm for 0015 to avoid peeing the bed; after that I often sleep for five to six hours without interruption. I do wear pads and have a waterproof sheet in the bed in case of accidents. I used to get up 3 or 4 times a night and often wet the bed.

I retired in December 2015 and the overnight improvement has, funnily enough, occurred since that time. I am certain being more relaxed and not unconsciously thinking about getting up early the next day has had a huge impact on me in this and other ways.

I apologise if there is too much information above!


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Continence nurse put me on Betmiga in November - no side effects, no accidents, I can hang on and don’t have to stop everything and rush to the toilet and I don’t get up at night anymore

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I had something like seven years of bladder problems which now seem to have got much better. I have been on Regurin for something like five years. I was always better on it than off it but still had frequency in the mornings and a bit of urgency. I had a horrible time over Xmas, when I had a low level UTI and a cold that made all my symptoms worse. Now I’m doing really well on bladder control. Going every 3 to 4 hours in the day, no urgency , and not getting up at night. Don’t dare stop the Regurin yet, since stopping has had a bad effect when I’ve been doing well in the past.

Is this a Tysabri effect? Or a Simvastatin effect? I’ve been taking that for several years, in the hope of slowing progression and my bladder control started to improve after I had been on it for a few months.