Hi All,

Has anyone taken/taking Desmopressin for bladder problems at night.

Thank you


not heard of that one. are your days manageable ie bladder wise?

I take betmiga, for calming my bladder and on days when i want added assurance of no accidents, I take a 2mg tolterodine.

luv Pollxx

Nope I cant remember what I used to take Dantrium I think it was called but I am now Suprapubic catheter and the best thing I ever did.


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Thanks Poll my bladder is manageable in the day but awful at night xxxx

  1. I have supra pubic catheter and botox its amazing at last my bladder is under control :relaxed:love Jox

I’m still trying to keep my bladder under control naturally. I have a daily routine with drinks. I’m usually a twice nightly when in bed. But I’ve been encouraged by the results other people have had.

Hope you find a way soon. Steve