Night time bed wetting advice pleeeeease

Hi guys I wondered if anyone else has had a bout of nighttime bed wetting and not day time, I have rrms dx 5.6 yr ago and currently on rebif, gabapentin an baclofen for recent relapse of hands that don’t work an stay cramped but not sure if this is a new attack or could be just stress as have a lot on my mind etc urine sample taken today so waiting on outcome of infection but could it b the tablets? Feel alone, embarrassed. Xx first time was 2 wk ago then nothing until mon night an last night


I’ve had a similar problem and got referred to Urology and am now waiting for a date to get Botox injected into the bladder. I’ve heard good things about it and hope it’s going to solve my problems.

Sarah x


someone i know who has ms told me that he takes a maintenance dose of trimethoprim to ward off infections.

i told my gp and he was happy to prescribe it for me.

i went 3 months without a UTI and stopped taking them.

i’m another 6 months down the line and i think i’ve got an infection so will start taking them again.

have you tried self catheterisation?

it can really give confidence. i do it in the morning so i can go out without the embarassment of peeing in the supermarket!!

you can do it as many times as you want.

tena maxi night are really good too.

take care

carole x

Hi, I’ve just started taking Baclofen and noticed bed wetting was in the list of side effects.


Hi there,

You should phone your MS nurse they can refer you to a continece nurse and also it might be worth askng MS nurse about a drug called amitriptyline, I take this at night time to control by bladder urgency, don’t be embarassed I know thats easier said than done but I think most of us on here have some kind of bladder issue it’s all part of the fun and games MS likes to play. I have to watch my liquid intake after 9pm and make sure you do you pelvic floor exercises everyday!! Let us know how your getting on.

Take care