Night time peeing

Hi all,happy xmas. For the last few months I pee the bed as I’m asleep at night. Only happens once or twice a month but it seems to be once a week the last month. Dont know what it is,could be ms. It’s really annoying as it wakes me up when it’s too late to go to the toilet. Anybody have any tips to help

Hi Jimmy

Are you taking any drugs to help with bladder spasms? There are several around, try Betmiga, Vesicare or Tolterodine. Oxybutinin always used to be prescribed but it’s got a sneaky side effect that you won’t know is happening until too late (brain shrinkage in later life!)

If it’s not caused by spasms, maybe try self catheterisation? Or the Conveen system? Try using pads in bed? Even bed underpads? So you don’t soak the bed!

Set an alarm to wake yourself up before you wet the bed, then take yourself to the loo?

You could get a referral to the bladder and bowel service, see what the specialist nurses suggest. If it is bladder spasms, there are a number of options.

It’s bloody annoying having a leaky bladder!!


Hey sue, it only happens now and then. Could have a month with no problems then I could have 2 nights off peeing in bed. I’m not taking anything for it but my neuro did say I have mild bladder issues. Got checked for uti and was all clear. It’s annoying that it wakes me up when it’s too late. I will ask GPS for something if it keeps happening. I’m running out of sheets for the bed over it. It’s just odd that it only happens now and then. I got cranberry tablets that I didn’t start taking yet.

hi jimmy nothing to add to sue’s advice but just a little saying of my mum’s from when i was very small and she used to say prayers with me at bed time. AMEN (hay men) straw women, peed in bed and started swimmin’. now with first hand experience it’s kind of nice to remember this.