Advice on bed wetting

Can anyone advice in relation to bed wetting. My husband has PPMS and has bladder issues for a long time but could manage until now. He can go hours without going to the toilet and does retain urine. He doesn’t drink enough fluids I have to prompt him to drink. He can manage to walk with a walker and is ok during the day, it’s the night time that’s the problem. He wears the Tena pull ups and bed pads but still soaks through. The nurse suggested using a sheath to bed but we’re struggling with these. As he has cognitive issues I don’t think he would be able to remove it himself in the morning and I can’t trust some of the carers that come to do it either, I’m not saying all of them some of them are great, others not so. I came home from work last week and the bed was soaked through and he was sitting downstairs in a wet pad and PJ’s all day, I did report this ! Any ideas what we can do. He’s not on any medication and doesn’t self catheter, don’t think he’d be able to and I’m too squeamish. I would be grateful if anyone can offer advice.