Advice and help welcome!

Hi everyone.
My husband has had MS for over 30 years. Last year I made the decision to take early retirement as his mobility was deteriorating. We carried on coping the best we could. I am now his full-time carer.
However, over the past month the bad days have become in the majority.
Mornings are the worst where he has not strength at all. He had two bad falls last weekend resulting in bruised ribs. I have put a call in to Occupational Health for an assessment as moving around the home is becoming difficult.
I am really struggling with this change in his condition. He cannot get out of bed in the night any more so I have to provide support to use a wee bottle. That can happen about 3 times a night so I am now sleep deprived.
Wondered if anyone had advice about wearing pads at night? My husband is reluctant but I can’t continue with the current set up.
Not sure where to go for help.

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Its so hard for him, to have to even contemplate wearing a NAPPY. yes that is how i feel. I have tena pads as i have urge incontinence. the thought of wearing something heavier at night appals me. But i know its a means to an end. can you not talk to your urology team about this they may have other ideas for him? at the moment for me i have a commode right by my bed i can reach very easily to pee. If i didnt have it i would be stuffed as trying to walk safely at night is hard work.

I am sure others will be along. have a look around the internet as there are much better options for night wear which dont look like nappies as i call then.

adult social services assessment you may get night help have you thought of that? so you do the day shift and have a carer in at night who can assist your husband which will then leave you free to sleep. xxxx